Month: September 2010

Tuodu’s ‘golden Ghost’

Since the introduction of the Biwan series diving watch by Tudor in 2012, which is what we commonly call ‘small flowers’ and ‘small shields’, Tudor is on fire. The reason I remember the year is because when I first saw ‘Little Red Flower’ in that year, I was very surprised and wanted to buy it.

Tudor golden shield, Tudor Biwan series gold steel type.
 In the following years, I have bought two Tudor diving watches, Tudor Leader Dive and Tudor Lefty. I like both of these watches, especially the Tudor left-hander, which combines Tudor’s historical elements, modern design and self-produced movement technology. It is really a watch that is very suitable for players, which makes me very satisfied. With the experience of these two Tudor diving watches, when I encountered this little golden shield between Tudor, I started decisively (the official name is Tudor Biwan Gold Steel).

Tudor Shield (top) and Rolex jinshuigui (bottom)
 The Rolex is the watch I wear most often, and I accept the combination of gold and steel. In addition, this small gold shield is the same as the Beckham advertisement. Before that, I was very impressed with this watch. Rolex has a golden water ghost, this Tudor golden diving watch can be said to be the ‘Golden ghost’ of Tudor.

Beckham wore a small shield between Tudors.
The end of Tudor, the beginning of Rolex.
 Tudor and Rolex belong to the same Rolex Group. According to Rolex, the end of Tudor is the beginning of Rolex, which means that the most expensive Tudor is basically the starting price of Rolex entry models. This small golden shield (Tuduo Biwan gold steel type) is exactly the ‘end’ of Tudor. The price of Jianjin Xiaodun is 41100, which is one of the most expensive Tudors. Only the Biwan Chronograph is a little more expensive than the Jianjin Xiaodun (Biwan Chrono 41600). The public price of the Golden Shield 41100 has basically reached the level of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual (39mm Oyster Perpetual Public Price 44300). Far more than the general price range of more than 20,000 of the general Biwan series.

The official price of the Golden Shield between Tudor and Rolex’s introduction of the Oyster Perpetual is basically the same.
 At the same time, the public price of Jianjin Shield 41100 also exceeded the public price of watches including Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch, Omega’s new iron tyrant, IWC 18 and other watches. In this price range, with so many choices, different people choose differently. So I ‘show the words’ to see what level of Tudor Biwan gold steel type.

Tudor Golden Shield
 The biggest feature of Tudor Golden Shield is the combination of gold and steel, which greatly increases the luxury and value of this watch. The gold bezel, crown, and middle of the bracelet are all gold. Data further show that the gold on the bezel is solid gold, and the gold on the crown and the middle of the bracelet is gold covered. That is, the crown and the middle part of the bracelet are made of steel, and outside the steel, a circle of gold is wrapped. It should be noted that gold-clad and gold-plated are not the same. Gold-clad is a circle of gold, and gold is used more; gold-plated is coated with a very thin layer, which is basically the color of the previous gold, and the amount of gold is very small. .

Tudor Golden Shield
 Tudor used solid gold and gold on a watch to control prices. If, like the Gold Rolex, the bezel, crown, and middle of the bracelet are made of solid gold, such a large amount of gold will double the public price. At the same time, compare the Rolex and the Rolex. The gold part of the Rolex gold watch is generally polished, and the gold part of the Tudor gold shield is brushed. To sum up, the gold and steel effect of the golden shield in the end is very luxurious.

Tudor Golden Shield and Rolex Golden DJ 41, we can see that both are 41 mm, but obviously the Tudor Golden Shield appears larger.
 The size of the Tudor Biwan gold steel model is 41 mm, and the gold DJ of Rolex’s 41 mm gold is put together, it looks larger than the Rolex, and the thickness is also thicker. The bezel of the Tudor Golden Shield is a matte black anodized aluminum ring, the characters on the bezel are gold characters, and the bottom body of the bezel is solid gold. The small gold shield’s dial is consistent with Tudor’s regular Biwan series watch, using Tudor’s iconic snowflake needle (folk commonly known as axe needle). Snowflake Needle also allows Tudor Diving Watches and Rolex Diving Watches to draw a clear line between them, and makes Tudor’s own characteristics. The huge hands and hour markers have a large luminous coating. In order to match the gold, the knitting, hour markers and scales on the disk are made of gold. The calendar is located at 3 o’clock on the dial. In addition, Tudor Biwan series diving watches all use huge crowns. This is actually a reference to the design of Tudor history in 1958 (large crown, no shoulder guard). The huge crown is very easy to use.

The face and crown of the golden shield of Tudor.
 The gold buckle of Tudor’s buckle has the same structure as the Rolex water ghost’s buckle, but there are some differences in appearance. They are two buckles. First open the small buckle, and then open the large buckle.

The buckle structure of the golden shield of Tudor is basically the same as that of the Rolex Water Ghost.
 The small gold shield uses the self-produced MT5612 automatic movement by Tudor, with a power of 70 hours, a silicon balance spring and a cardless fine adjustment weight balance, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and has an observatory certification. In the past two years, the Tudor MT56 series movement is very hot. Breitling started to use the Tudor MT56 series movement. The new 12.1 movement used by Chanel’s new J12 is also developed from the Tudor MT56 series movement. From the actual travel time, whether it is this small golden shield or my two Tudor diving watches, the travel time is very accurate, the error is very small, and meets the observatory standards. Just like Rolex, the Tudor Biwan series also has a solid bottom cover, and the movement cannot be seen.

Tudor produces its own MT5612 (MT56 series) movement.
 Although this Tudor Biwan gold-steel model takes a luxurious route, it is a diving watch after all, and it is also 200 meters waterproof. In the case of Tudor, this small gold shield is the same as buying a car. Do you want the top level of this level or the next level of entry? The choices will be different at different stages.
PS. Last is the full set.

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