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Basel 2019: The New Size Is More Sven With Formal Watches Arnold & Son Nebula

Nebula is a very unique work of ARNOLD & Son. The whole watch exudes a sense of harmonious and neat regularity from the face plate. You may even think that it has dual features without looking carefully. The tourbillon design (but not actually). In addition to the high degree of symmetry in the past, the real watch looks very big is also its signature image-after all, the watch looks gentle, but in fact its diameter 46mm is so big, it really feels very good to wear it. In fact, ARNOLD & Son has also launched women’s watches, but even if it is a women’s watch, the diameter of the watch is still about 41.5mm. Behind such a large size design may be related to the size of the movement itself. Then, for some people who are more inclined to wear a ‘moderate’ watch diameter, is it doomed to miss out on Nebula? This is not necessarily true, because ARNOLD & Son launched a new Nebula watch in 2019. The movement is the same and the dial pattern inherits the characteristics of the old work. However, the diameter of the watch has dropped significantly, and for the first time it has dropped below 40mm. !!

ARNOLD & Son’s Nebula skeleton watch is changed to 38mm in 2019, with a medium-sized size that is more in line with modern trends, and the existing symmetrical aesthetic design of the watch, attracting the attention of men and women who love watches in the market

The new Nebula is made of rose gold, and the leather strap is changed to brandy crocodile leather. From the lines on the crocodile skin, you can first smell the novelty of this watch different from the previous Nebula family. On the dial, the watch follows the design of the smaller Nebula in the past-hollowed out. Compared to the 46mm model, the hollowed out Nebula is radial with seven sets of triangular plywood around the center axis of the dial. To add a little reason to the name of Nebula, in fact, the term is used in astronomy to represent the nebula formed by cosmic gas and stardust. ARNOLD & Son is inspired by astronomical scenery and then arranges the radial movement parts. To explain the explosive power of the birth of a star in the universe.
The dial layout of the watch is full of ingenuity. First of all, you can see two symmetrical spring barrels on the upper part. They can output 90 hours of kinetic energy together. The hour and minute hands of the dial also echo the shell in rose gold. As for the lower half of the dial, As mentioned above, the design of the dual tourbillon may be mistaken for people. In fact, the escapement system is at five o’clock and the small seconds dial is hollow at seven o’clock. In addition, the transmission wheel of the movement and the upper Under the hollow design, the chain system also looks clear from the face plate. We often feel that if we want to see the important structure of the movement, we must turn to the case back (if there is a transparent bottom cover), but ARNOLD & Son Obviously, such ornamental effects have been taken into account, so the face plate can be satisfied at one time regardless of the time or the mechanical movement.

The A & S 5101 caliber has a vibration frequency of 21,600 times and 24 gems. The dual barrel can supply 90 hours of kinetic energy. From the back, you can still appreciate the brand’s symmetrical shape thinking.

The new A & S 5101 movement in the new Nebula is still the same as the previous 41.5mm version, except that the new diameter reduces the watch diameter to 38mm. As a result, this hollowed out performance has become more male and female. Previously 41.5mm Even if there is a female watch version, it may still be a bit large for many women, but now it is changed to 38mm. From the perspective of formal watch, not only is it suitable for boys, but if women are interested, it will not look good when worn. It will be too obtrusive, with the feeling of wearing a large watch with small hands. As for the diameter adjustment, will it affect the design of the entire watch? Surely, compared with the new and old Nebula, the design of the 2019 version will be adjusted to reduce the diameter of the dial, and the width of the dial scale ring will be adjusted accordingly. As a result, the outer edge of the dial will look more compact and more displayable. A three-dimensional impression of the hollowed out movement parts.


18K rose gold material / A & S5101 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 38mm / limited 50 only

Cartier Flips New Jewelry Watch On Three Sides

Screws exist in every corner of our lives: from bridges and airplanes to glasses and watches. But in most people’s eyes, the screw is a very humble little thing. If you are a careful watch lover, you must understand the significance of screws for watches. Whether it is the internal movement or the external decoration of the case, the quality of the screws can reflect the quality of the watch to a certain extent. Cartier can flip Santos Triple 100
Cartier’s Santos Triple 100 high-end jewellery watch, whose dial can be flipped on three sides last year, has not gone out of sight, but the new version launched this year has quietly surfaced. Unlike last year, the majestic tiger face turned into an eagle soaring in the sky. Surrounded by diamonds and creativity, this Santos Triple 100 is always faithful to the origin of the collection while innovating. In 1904, Mr. Cartier was commissioned by his pilot’s old friend SANTOS to customize this gold watch for flight. The eight screws on the case are evenly distributed on the square case, and the design is inspired by the mechanical structure of the aircraft. The material of the screws is consistent with the material of the case, which makes the watch full of strong mechanical beauty.
‘Little things, good reason’, used to describe the screw can not be more appropriate. Watch special screws are a topic of interest to watch fans. If you compare watch parts to bones, screws are like ligaments that connect bones. Without the screws, the high-complexity technology and the design of the Tianma Starry Sky would be empty talk. The quality of the screws directly affects the overall sturdiness, shock resistance and water resistance of the watch. Cartier can flip Santos Triple 100
Case screws
Screws are an important part of a watch, and it is where the details are reflected. The birth of a high-quality Swiss watch screw has to be tempered in up to 20 processes, including design, molding, carving, sanding and even electroplating. As the so-called non-accumulating steps go for thousands of miles, the exquisite screws are the first step to achieve high-end Swiss watches.
The 8 screws on the case are evenly distributed on the square case, and the design is inspired by the mechanical structure of the aircraft. The material of the screws is consistent with the material of the case, which makes the watch full of strong mechanical beauty.
Flip black and white dial
的 The mechanical beauty brought by screws is fascinating. More and more models have begun to use screws as ‘secret weapons’ to create their own brand style. The screws used on some models are not traditional slotted screws, but are specially designed shapes that cannot be unscrewed or locked with ordinary tools. For example, the screws used on the Hublot BIG BANG series are designed in a variant ‘H’ shape, echoing the brand’s first letter and becoming one of its characteristics. There is also a pentagonal ‘plum blossom’ screw specially designed and produced by Richard Mille, which has already become the symbol of Richard Mille.
The classic dial dial case, crown shoulder and crown are all set with round cut diamonds.

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