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Introduction To Zenith Commander Winsor

Commander Winsor’s chronographs are distinguished by their extraordinary complexity. The birth of this outstanding design must be attributed to the Mus & eacute; e International d & rsquo; Horlogerie de la Chaux-de-fonds. The talented museum curator Ludwig Oechslin has designed an intricate annual calendar complication that not only displays the day, date, and month, but only needs to be adjusted once a year. For many chronograph collectors, compared with the perpetual calendar function, the calendar complex function is more intimate. The layout of the timepiece is clear and easy to understand, with unique ingenuity. The time is displayed on three concentric disks: the outer disk displays the date, the middle disk displays the month, and the inner disk displays the day of the week. This mechanism is simple and elegant in appearance, complex and sophisticated in operation. When the number of days is 31 days, the date dial advances the month dial; when the number of days is 30 days, the month dial skips the number 31 directly. Manual adjustment is required only at the meeting in February and March. The watch has a novel concept and a subtle design. Most of the calendar complex functions consist of 30 or 40 moving parts, while this work only has 9 moving parts.
 ‘The watch has a novel concept and an implicit design, with only 9 moving parts.’ The collaboration between the International Watch Museum and Zenith. Commander Winsor Windsor Chronograph perfectly integrates the Zenith Commander Chronograph with the complex functions of the annual calendar. It is the crystallization of the cooperation between Zenith Watch Factory and the International Clock Museum. To this end, the International Watch Museum will set up two permanent exhibitions related to hours and seconds.

 This chronograph is equipped with the highly accurate EL Primero movement, which fully reflects the exquisite watchmaking skills of Zenith. For more than 40 years, the EL Primero movement has been researched and developed in the Zenith watch factory. It is the only mass-produced movement in the world with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. In other words, the EL Primero movement has a vibration of 10 per second Second, only outstanding timepieces can be equipped with this remarkable automatic movement. For this reason, the Zenith watch factory leaves it to the brand’s timepieces. The commander Winsor Windsor chronograph is equipped with the EL Primero 4054 automatic movement, which is entirely manufactured by the watchmaker. It is decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl finishing. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the inside of the movement is visible.

Bastien Baker Visits Omega House And Sings ‘hello Switzerland!’ Vitality Party

Tuesday, August 9, 2016, Rio de Janeiro-In 1848, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) began its legendary journey in a small workshop in Switzerland. Time flies, and 168 years later, on Rio Ipanema Beach, the Omega brand is celebrating its 27th glory as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Bastian Baker
  The ‘Hello Switzerland!’ Tuesday night brought another special moment to the Omega House, and it is also Omega’s sincere tribute to Switzerland, home to its rich watchmaking culture and extraordinary watchmaking skills.

Bastian Baker visits Omega House and sings ‘Hello Switzerland!’

  The Omega House has become a popular meeting place in Rio, and a lively and passionate night was staged again that night. In line with the theme, Omega House was renovated and full of Swiss style. Shrouded in red halo, the interior is dotted with flowers and ornaments, highlighting a distinctive Swiss theme. Of course, without fragrant chocolate, it would be difficult to call it a complete Swiss-themed party. Therefore, all kinds of sweet Swiss chocolates loaded with the basket were placed beside the stage in the main venue, providing guests with a silky, rich and sweet experience. Even more pleasantly surprised was that Bastian Baker, the ambassador of Omega, also appeared on the stage to present guests with wonderful music from Switzerland.

‘Switzerland, hello!’ Lively party scene

  Before the party began, Bastian fans were waiting early in front of the Omega House, looking forward to seeing the talent of the Swiss national singer. Young and outstanding Swiss musician Bastian immediately gave guests an unparalleled auditory feast at the Omega House. The atmosphere was extremely lively, and Bastian sang a series of classic songs including ‘I Will Sing For You’. During the break, Bastian shared the wonderful inspiration Brazil gave him: ‘Brazil and Rio have given me a lot of inspiration. During several impromptu concerts, I have talked to several outstanding local percussionists. I have had a wonderful collaboration, and now I am thinking of coming back here for some recording next month. This is a great place to find fresh music elements. After arriving here, I have some new ideas in my mind. ‘

Bastian Baker unveils Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Dark Ocean Black’ watch

  The sports event broadcast live on the big screen of the Omega House that night pushed the atmosphere to another climax. Omega celebrity ambassador Phelps won the 24th and 25th Olympic medals in sports career!

‘Switzerland, hello!’ On the night of the Vitality Party, Omega Celebrity Ambassador Phelps won the 24th and 25th medals in his sports career.

  Bastian Baker gives autographed photos to Omega House

  Originated from Switzerland, with its glory, Omega has entered the leading position in the global watchmaking industry, and has become synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. Pioneering spirit has always been the origin of Omega’s brand. In 2015, the advent of the world’s first Astronomical Observatory once again won praise for Omega. Every Omega Chronometer Observatory has ultra-high accuracy, extraordinary performance and strong anti-magnetic capability, representing the top standard of Swiss watchmaking technology.

Bastian Baker watches the work of Omega watchmakers

  Omega House perfectly reproduces the customs and customs of Switzerland. Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega, was very excited when talking about it. ‘Omega is one of the most popular Swiss brands Tonight, the Omega House is flying the Swiss flag, and we are extremely proud. The Olympic Games is a grand event that brings together nations, and we also hope to create a deeply rooted night. Being in Rio, this is of course for the brand. It’s a big event, but it’s also important to keep in mind where Omega comes from and the long road we have traveled. ‘

Bastian Baker showcases Omega classic timepieces
  Unlike the towering mountains and rolling mats of distant Switzerland, the Omega House is located in the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim above Ipanema Beach. During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Omega House will be opened exclusively daily for distinguished guests. Together with celebrity guests, sports stars, and exclusive guests, it will continue to present exciting activities with different themes in the coming days. Omega House has become a unique and unmissable party destination in Rio.

Electronic Prodigy Martin Garris As Tag Heuer Global Brand Ambassador

Ibiza Island in the Mediterranean, the coolest electronic music party this season is happening! The Multiply music party, featuring Martin Garrix, ended perfectly at Ushuaia, the hottest fashion nightclub. Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMH Group’s Watch Division and CEO of TAG Heuer, also joined the music feast, and is proud to announce that Martin Gareth has become TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Global Brand Ambassador.

 Young, energetic, talented, unique and disruptive, and the word that best suits him is: Phenomenon!
 Super genius from the Netherlands, Gareth’s vibrant personality is highly sought after. At just 19 years old, he has created a legend in the electronic music industry! At a young age, he has made great achievements in music, and has scored more than two well-known DJs who are two times older than his famous singles.

 At the age of eight, Gareth already knew what his goals were, and worked hard to realize his dreams. Eight years later, a version of Your Body remix from Christina Aguilera made him feel famous for the first time. The single, Animal, released in 2013 successfully pushed him to the top of the DJ music scene. This infectious champion single broke the record of the global music charts. Sitting on the top of the UK UK chart and stealing TOP Ten’s top 10 performances in 8 different national music charts, Gareth reached the pinnacle of dreams at the speed of light! 2014 was a year of witnessing miracles. Many EDM hot electronic singles from Gareth renewed the charts in turn. The coolest performances by his lead singer were staged in the hottest nightclubs and music festivals around the world.
 DJ Mag (British Electronic Music Magazine) ranked No. 4 on the list of the world’s top 100 hottest DJs, ranked on the US Billboard ’21 under 21′ list and Forbes Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list, and for young Martin · For Gareth, it just started!

 Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver said: ‘As a Swiss avant-garde watchmaker founded in 1860, TAG Heuer’s brand DNA has always been closely linked to the future and the younger generation. Today, I am very proud to announce Martin · Gareth becomes TAG Heuer global brand ambassador, joins Carg Delevingne, Cristiano Ronaldo, GEM Tang Ziqi and Li Yifeng of Asia to join the Tag Heuer family ‘Garys is undoubtedly the best example of the spirit of Tag Heuer, # 无忧 挑战 , ACHTHESELF #, and the best spokesperson for the younger generation who is about to lead the future of the luxury market!’

 From the beginning, Martin Gareth knew the tremendous pressure-the talented Netherlands was the country with the most intense DJ competition in the world. However, he has always adhered to his convictions and never retreated in the face of challenges. Just like Tag Heuer, he moved forward on the journey of the thermal beat as a pioneer.

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