Basel 2019: Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin

CHOPARD launched the new L.U.C Flying T Twin watch, the first Chopard timepiece equipped with a flying tourbillon, designed, manufactured and assembled in the L.U.C workshop. Since July 2018, the watch and jewellery have been made entirely of ethical gold materials. This model is also made of 18K rose gold, which is certified for ‘fair mining’. A watch with a diameter of 40 millimeters and a case thickness of only 7.2 millimeters. It combines the warmth of rose gold with the coolness of charcoal gray to create a sharp contrast effect. It is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

 L.U.C Flying T Twin watch in 18K rose gold with fair mining certification

The L.U.C Flying T Twin watch has a hollow window at 6 o’clock, the beauty of the flying tourbillon is clearly visible, and the exciting mechanical operation of the movement is fully visible. The flying tourbillon is extremely lightweight in both its structure and attitude, which helps create a deep perspective effect and adds personal style to the timepiece. The hand-guilloché pure gold faceted disc with windows is the result of the craftsmanship of Chopard craftsmen. The hour-marker ring is decorated with snails, and the central carving is decorated with a honeycomb pattern. Its design is derived from an L.U.C XPS 1860 military watch launched in 2017. As a symbol of honeycomb, this pattern is reminiscent of Louis-Julis. The first logo ever used by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. The gray ruthenium gold dial contrasts with the rose gold hour markers and hands, which is impressive.

The hour circle is decorated with snails, and the central carving is decorated with a honeycomb pattern. In order to make the appearance simpler and allow the tourbillon to run freely, there is no date display.

The watch’s flying tourbillon does not have an upper bridge, but is fixed below, which reduces the thickness of the movement. The 96.24-L movement is the same as the revolutionary Chopard’s first movement, the 96.01-L movement, with a thickness of only 3.30 mm. This watch masterpiece is consistent, whether it is its diameter, 65-hour power reserve (driven by Chopard’s patented ‘Twin’ double barrel), or 22K gold engraved micro-automatic winding, all retaining the basic characteristics of the prototype movement. In order to make the appearance more simple and let the tourbillon run freely, the new movement does not have a date display.

The 96.24-L movement of the watch is equipped with a tourbillon without an upper fixed bridge and a micro-automatic disk design on the back. Therefore, the thickness of the movement is effectively controlled to maintain 3.30mm, and the thickness of the entire watch is only 7.2mm. Quite slim

L.U.C Flying T Twin

18K rose gold material / L.U.C 96.24-L self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / tourbillon device / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 40mm / limited to 50

Ruan Jingtian: Dreaming Of Flying In Blue Balloons

Is Ruan Jingtian still a big boy? Many people who love him keep asking this question. Although he won the Golden Horse Emperor with his youthful image in the film ‘中’, such an achievement was beyond the expectation of many people, and of course, it was also predicted by the filmmakers. Ruan Jingtian interpreted the blue balloon watch series as Cartier’s friend.
Ruan Jingtian’s talents are very good. Whether it was Niu Chengze, the famous director Enshi, or many seniors or peers who played with him, ‘Xiaotian’ in the eyes of outsiders is definitely a big boy. Although in the film, the phrase ‘I am not mixing underworld, but friendship is righteousness’ is full of masculine masculinity, but the ‘little sky’ in people’s hearts is still the sunny boy next door. .
Maybe it was because of the generous naked cross-bladed lifeguard in the film ‘The Boy’, or because the idol drama ‘Destined to Love You’ doubled his intimacy, until the tough image of ‘The Boy’ Appeared, Ruan Jingcai began to be praised by the media and movie fans as the representative of Taiwan’s ‘new man’ actor. So some people also likened Ruan Jingtian’s growth career to a perfect ‘from boy to man’ experience.
Men’s minds about big boys
Ruan Jingtian in life has the freedom and innocence of a big boy and the gentle romance of a man. He usually appears in fashion activities as a model. Whenever he is talked about his healthy body, he tells the public his love for sports without reservation. , And racing is also an indispensable part of his life.
In fact, our big boy still has a lot of things in his heart. You can find some clues from his eyebrows to this delicate emotion, but the deep and sincere emotion requires deep understanding of him to get.
Ruan Jingtian said that when he realized for the first time that he was no longer a child, but a man, it was the first time he learned how to love. ‘I think when a boy has the person he wants to love, he has the person he wants to protect, he will start to think about where he is deficient, in what state he will feel weak, himself What kind of emotions may hurt others. When I start thinking about these things, I feel as if I have gradually changed from being carefree, indifferent, and in good condition. I I think this moment appeared very early, maybe 16 or 17, but it took a long, long time before it turned into what it is now. ‘
Speaking of swimming, Ruan Jingtian said that his love for swimming can be exchanged for life and death. ‘Even now from now until I die, if I stop swimming, I will never forget how I feel in the water. This is a very good memory for me.’ And when it comes to that, there is one more thing in his mind Let him remember it till now. ‘Actually, my hobbies have not changed much as a child. When I was young, my dad would let me wear a watch. The watch is for me-no matter where I am or what I am doing, there must be something on my body. The watch thing, it has become part of the body. ‘
It is also because of his love for his father’s watch that has inherited his emotions since childhood, he has now led Ruan Jingtian to become a temperament fascinated by Cartier’s blue balloon watch series.
Elegant blue balloons accompanied
Cartier’s blue balloon watch is the one you will see on the wrists of a big boy who is slutty or a successful banker in a dark striped suit. It is suitable for men from 18 to 38 years old, both boys and Man, the blue balloon makes people see the dream behind them-maybe naive, maybe romantic, or completely different from the person you know. Ruan Jingtian chose the blue balloon for the same reason. The elegance of this watch is particularly consistent with Ruan Jingtian’s mentality today. ‘No matter what style of blue balloon you wear, you will have an extraordinary feeling on your body, feeling like you have changed some parts of your body. This feeling is not the same when wearing other watches, even You have a feeling of being moved by it, because it makes you whole person different. ‘
Since he was a child, he wore a gift from his father, a men’s watch, so Ruan Jingtian also became a professional who appreciates watches. He put the blue balloon on his hand and looked left and right, then took it off, and used his glasses to appreciate the quiet operation of the tourbillon. Ruan Jingtian feels that whether he is now, or he was innocent in the past, or even the slightly crapist in the future, he can get immense satisfaction from this blue balloon. ‘I think there is a feeling that if you are a boy now, and you wear a blue balloon, you will feel like you should be more stable and mature. When you are a man, Putting on a blue balloon, you will feel how elegant you are, and that one has more grasp of life, rhythm and time. Then I think that although there are great differences between men and boys, but They are not so different. The blue balloon allows you to feel more confident. ‘
To be a reliable man, to be an excellent man, to be a man with a sense of responsibility-this has always been pursued by Ruan Jingtian. He said that in his own growth, such influences have been mentioned in his family. Ruan Jingtian has a hero in his heart, this is his grandpa. Swelling around Grandpa from an early age, he gave Xiaotian a very positive impact. ‘Whether grandpa is in a high or low mood, his first thought will always be his family, and the first thought will always be to protect them; no matter how bad things are, or how much he encounters When something will be annoying, he will always choose to accept it with love, he will always choose to tell you with patience and time, and he can accept everything the family has. I think the most important thing in a man, It is necessary to protect, protect your love, and protect your own home. ‘With such a growth example, Ruan Jingtian now hopes that he can become such a role, protect his home, wear the watch his father gave him, and become New beams in the home.
Become your role model
In ‘艋舺’, Ruan Jingtian masculinely concluded that ‘I am not underworld, but friendship is righteousness’. For him, the lines of the film are still very useful in his life.
He compares his understanding of emotions to Cartier’s ‘Tricolor Gold’-Trinity series. ‘Because I like the meaning behind it: love, friendship, and affection. For me, these three points are very important elements in life. No matter which one is missing, I feel like life will no longer be So beautiful. So if one day, you can choose something to represent the one you love, or someone you think is important, then my choice is the Trinity series, I think it’s great. ‘
From Ruan Jingtian’s understanding, it turns out that Chivalry can also be so beautiful, and ‘Xiaotian’, who sees life and his family very preciously, also hopes that the feelings he received from his parents can continue to his future.
Now, Ruan Jingtian and his beloved blue balloon series watches are spending the best golden decade in a man’s life together. In the distant future, Ruan Jingtian also hopes to pass on his friendship to his children. He said: ‘If possible, I think I will give my child whether it is a blue balloon watch or other memorable items, but I think my child must go through that period of time before he can own me. The blue balloon on his hand. ‘But in Ruan Jingtian’s heart, he felt that even if he had reached the age of a child, it would still be difficult to let go of the watch he loved.
Ruan Jingtian said: ‘I think that for a man or a boy, it is not just a device to watch time. It is not just a decoration. In all the days that a watch is with me, I get more memories. There are a lot of memories in it, so I said that it takes a long time and a process. Maybe I will leave the blue balloon to my child, but I think it will be another very important moment, I will not give it to him very easily, I hope my children can see its importance. ‘

Made By Elegant Lady – Glasutti Mother’s Day Warm Gift

The upcoming Mother’s Day seems to have melted into the warmth of May and feels warmth. Maternal love is like the sea, but at any time, Qingsi Muxue is still quiet forever. Although Chizi doesn’t say a word, she cares about the lithography marks when her eyes are getting darker. Glashütte presents the Lady Serenade women’s watch affectionately. Its dreamy navy blue dial is embellished with sparkling diamonds, just like the little stars reflected in the charming sea.

 The case is stainless steel with diamond rings, which is elegant and thorough. Blue mother-of-pearl dial, stainless steel hands, sparkling hour markers, soft lines across the dial, and gray-blue Louisiana crocodile leather strap. Elegant and charming set off the beauty of mature women.

 The large dial makes the reading more clear and has the necessary tools for business women: a small calendar at 6 o’clock. In addition to the 40-hour power reserve, the 39-22 movement also embodies Glashütte’s watchmaking techniques such as the traditional skeleton rotor, K gold sleeve, gooseneck trimmer, three-quarter splint and delicate sun Grain sanding.

 Glashütte would like to express this elegant gift to the children’s speechless but clear love, and hope that every mother wearing this watch can bloom the most beautiful smile.

Mechanical Watch Movement Quality Improvement Seminar Held In Beibei

Visit the exhibition hall of Beibei during the meeting

 In order to carry out the quality improvement project of mechanical watches and further implement the spirit of the Dandong Summit Forum, on November 8, 2013, Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. organized a mechanical watch movement quality improvement seminar, except for the organizer Beijing Watch Factory Limited. Outside the company, Guangzhou Wuyang Watch Industry Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory, Shijiazhuang Zhonggu Watch Industry Co., Ltd. have a total of four mechanical watch movement production enterprises, which are attended by the boss or chief engineer in charge of technology and quality. The meeting was held in Beijing Mr. Li Lihong, Deputy General Manager of Watch Factory Co., Ltd. chaired. Zhao Lingsu and Li Xia, the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. and director of the business department of China Watch Association, attended the meeting.

 The meeting focused on in-depth quality internal control standards, customer requirements and feedbacks, technical bottlenecks and process difficulties encountered in production, movement and component inspection methods and improvement measures, etc., and conducted in-depth technical discussions and exchanges. The discussion method uses companies to introduce their own methods and raise questions, and based on this, summarizes the common problems existing in the four companies, and diagnoses each other, answers questions, learns from each other, and proposes solutions.

 Through the introduction of each company, it is agreed that the common problems encountered by the four companies in production at present are mainly concentrated on the four aspects of material and component quality, electroplating heat treatment process control, testing methods and appearance part quality control. In response to these issues, we fully discussed and exchanged. Based on this, led by the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Miao Hongbo, the workshop director accompanied the production workshops to conduct on-site inspections and more in-depth and detailed exchanges. Such meetings and exchanges The way of discussion combined with fieldwork makes the problem clearer, the measures more specific, and the impression more impressive.

 Finally, Miao Hongbo, the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. made a brief summary of the meeting. He said that he was very pleased to see the first reunion of internal issues between enterprises in the past 20 years. This is the first step in the progress of the industry. This baton can’t stop, it should be passed down all the time. At the official invitation of Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory, he announced that the quality improvement seminar ended as the first meeting. The second meeting will be organized by Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory in Nanning at an appropriate time. The second meeting will be even more Intensive research on the issue of quality improvement, especially the requirements for the quality of spare parts, and the exchange of quality for the price, so that the overall quality level of the domestic movement can be truly improved.

Hoya Superstar Ambassador Appears In Monaco Grand Prix

Hollywood superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz appeared at the 71st Monaco Grand Prix and witnessed the many years of cooperation between TAG Heuer and the Monaco Racing Association (ACM) and this event in the car industry with legendary drivers and the Monaco royal family.

 International superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz flew to Monaco last weekend to participate in the Monaco Grand Prix as special guests of the world’s leading chronograph watches. Two TAG Heuer brand ambassadors appeared at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix, making this event in the racing world even more star-studded. The two attended a party on TAG Heuer’s luxury yacht in Port Hercules on Saturday. In addition to meeting with Prince Albert II of Monaco, they also met many Formula One masters, including the McLaren team that has worked with TAG Heuer for many years. Champion drivers Jenson Button, Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean. Other distinguished guests include the famous Formula One driver Alain Prost, world rally champion Sebastien Ogier, famous male model David Gandy, and many media friends and TAG Heuer’s business partners.

 International superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz flew to Monaco last weekend to participate in the Monaco Grand Prix as special guests of the world’s leading chronograph watches.

 The next day, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz stepped on the racing track. As special TAG Heuer guests, they cheered for Jenson Button and Sergio Perez in the pits of the McLaren team. The two enjoyed the exciting event in the TAG Heuer VIP Lounge and had an unforgettable afternoon with distinguished guests including disc jockey Bob Sinclar and Swiss singer Bastian Baker. Cameron Diaz wore the latest Monaco ACM chronograph for two days. The Monaco collection became a classic shortly after its launch in 1969, and it was also worn by Steve McQueen in the famous racing movie Le Mans (1971). Leonardo DiCaprio wears a highly anti-collision TAG Heuer Monaco 24 watch with a combination of fashion charm and advanced technology.

 Monaco AMC Chronograph

                           Monaco 24

 Cameron Diaz said after the event: ‘I have enjoyed watching the Grand Prix since I was a child. I have always been enthusiastic about supporting motorsport. This time I am fortunate to be participating in the Monaco Grand Prix. I am particularly excited.’ The most exciting event. I am very happy to work with TAG Heuer to promote environmental protection and sustainable development over the years, especially supporting the work of the Natural Resources Conservation Association and the International Green Cross. I am looking forward to the latest cooperation with the Formula E car race. ‘- –

Burcellai Announces New Alacria Swan Watch

Lucerne, a highland city in central Switzerland, is surrounded by mountains and picturesque. Although the city center itself is not very large, the whole city is full of cheerful atmosphere, so it is called ‘The epitome of Switzerland’. Rdquo ;.
In addition to impressive landmarks, such as the world-famous Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus, countless white swans wading on Lake Lucerne make the city full of magical charm.
Strolling along the idyllic lakeside, the elves who swim leisurely on the blue lake-like surface take people into a mythical world that is real and magical. The clear lake is magically transformed into a sparkling ‘Swan Lake’ & rdquo ;.

In addition to Lake Lucerne, the swan (a symbol of our dreams in mythology) also inspired another place in Lucerne: Schwanenplatz, where Bucherer started in 1894, and its first clock in 1888 Jewellery boutique opens in Kapellgasse.
The Alacria Swan watch is a masterpiece of the Carl F. Bucherer women’s watch & ldquo; Alacria & rdquo; series. The name is a tribute to the company’s founder, the Bucherer family, which evokes memories of long ago that they owned their own business in Lucerne and realized their dreams. The name is also based on strong symbolic meaning, mythology, and romantic fairy tales.

The case is set with 348 diamonds, the dial is set with 137 diamonds, the bracelet is densely covered with 844 diamonds, and a diamond shines on the crown. All diamonds are the highest quality diamonds, making the Alacria series A new luxurious light. Each beautiful diamond is carefully set by hand. This watch reflects the highest level of Carl F. Bucherer’s traditional jewelry art.

Precision Beyond The Core Brief Comment On The Tissot Power Ring 80 Series Silicone Spring Watch

Although this year’s Basel watch exhibition is not very lively, there are indeed some watches that deserve our attention. These watches are not for showing off their wealth or showing off their wealth, but they have given us real The benefits. The Tissot Baohuan series is one of the more interesting watches, because it is equipped with a silicon hairspring, because it has 80 hours of power, because it has COSC, and even so, it offers a low price. It has been several months since the Basel watch exhibition, but this watch has maintained its popularity. Although there are many Tissot watches, it is a representative of Tissot’s cutting-edge technology for mechanical watches. Below, let’s take a look at how all aspects of it, watch model: T108.408.11.037.00.

   After 2006, the application of silicon hairsprings in watches has never stopped, even more and more frequently in recent years. For a long time, we thought that silicon hairsprings would not enter the cheap watches so quickly. The advent of the Tissot Baohuan series silicon gossamer watch surprised us a lot. Since last year, the Swatch Group has begun to apply silicon hairsprings to watches suitable for mass consumption. The Tissot Baohuan series has become the main force among them. At the thousand yuan level, we have a good choice.
Smart appearance

Tissot Baohuan Observatory certified Powermatic 80 silicon spring watch
   This Tissot Baohuan series silicon spring watch has a strong sense of movement, because it is a metal bracelet, while using a stainless steel case, the whole is a watch that can withstand daily ‘tempering’. Like many classic Tissot watches, the Baohuan series watches are very simple, and because of this, the watch is not easy to be outdated. The watch gives priority to excellent performance. In terms of visible functions, only the hours, minutes, seconds and date are provided. Through the marking at 6 o’clock, we know that it has more hidden performance.

Stainless steel case
   The appearance of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel. This steel is often used to make precision equipment and professional instruments. Its composition determines that it has low allergenicity, corrosion resistance, and is easy to be processed. Therefore, it is widely used in watches. in. The middle case of the watch is brushed to withstand daily wear. The crown is embossed with the Tissot logo ‘T’.

Paris Studded Bezel
   At the same time, an iconic design of this precious ring series watch is a circle of Paris studs made on the bezel, which adds a touch of high-quality texture to the watch.

Spike dial

Dial front
   In addition, the central area of ​​the dial is also decorated with studs, echoing the bezel. The two-line character at 6 o’clock on the dial highlights two characteristics of the watch, one is the observatory certification, and the other is using the Powermatic 80 automatic movement. Observatory certification represents more accurate travel time and the stability of the watch in a changing environment. The Powermatic 80 movement represents that the watch can maintain 80 hours of power when the watch is fully chained, that is, more than 3 days of power. Even if the watch is not worn on the weekend, the time is also accurate on Monday.

Stainless steel bracelet
   The watch is equipped with a 5-row stainless steel bracelet. The links are small and dense, so it is very soft and comfortable to wear. At the same time, it is easy to adjust due to the different wrist sizes.
Precision core

Powermatic 80 automatic movement
   Unlike most Tissot mechanical watches, the bottom case of this watch from the Pohuan series has a whole sapphire crystal case back, which allows you to see the movement of the entire movement. At the same time, the Tissot Powermatic 80 movement is decorated with plating, and the automatic oscillating weight is treated with ripples, which is very beautiful. The movement uses a silicon hairspring, which further improves the accuracy, stability and shock resistance of the watch. It is also because the silicon hairspring cannot be used for the Breguet winding structure, so it uses a cardless balance spring system.

Summary: Tissot enjoys a very high reputation in the country. It has always won the consumers’ favor with its affordable price and good quality. This time, Tissot has once again improved the technological content of mechanical watches and made the watches have more outstanding performance. , And its price is in an advantageous position in the same type of price. Therefore, the Baohuan series silicon gossamer watch is undoubtedly a watch worth buying, the domestic public price of RMB 7700.

Fantastic Change Montblanc Viller 1858 Series Change Ii Watch Brief Comment

At the Geneva Watch & Clock Salon 2010, Montblanc launched the first time-changing watch with a ‘curtain-type multi-menu display’, this watch has an amazing curtain-like style The opened multi-level dial shows the fantasy process of a watch changing from a regular time display to a chronograph display with a new perspective. All functions are always controlled by a single movement. Montblanc launched the new Villeret 1858 Series II watch at the 2014 ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition. This watch is one of the most complicated models launched by Montblanc Villeret’s independent manufacturing workshops so far. Reveal the magical mechanical beauty with a new design aesthetic. Today’s watch house brings you this official watch, the official model: 112442.

  The design of the Villeret 1858 Series II watch is inspired by the concept of ‘Iterative’, that is, a complex mechanical movement composed of up to 746 parts displays a magical change display on the dial. This movement has multiple patents and took 4 years to develop and complete. With its bold and innovative design and craftsmanship, the Villeret 1858 series of changing watches interprets the unlimited potential of the integration of traditional watchmaking technology and modern innovation.

  This watch is made by hand, and the wide case with a diameter of 52 mm is hardly anyone to control. However, the large dial still cannot hide the elegant temperament infiltrated by the Montblanc brand culture.

   The domed sapphire crystal creates a classic retro look. The mirror is clear and transparent with anti-glare treatment, and the elegant dial with a round 18K rose gold case presents time in an elegant style.

An 18K rose gold crown is embedded with an integrated integrated timing button. The top of the button is set with a mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo, symbolizing its brand identity.

This watch is paired with a hand-stitched black large crocodile alligator leather strap. The leather strap is exquisite, the luster is uniform, and the pins are fine and uniform, which highlights the brand’s pursuit of excellence.

With a smooth and simple bar button on the left side of the case, it only takes about 5 seconds, and through the precise cooperation of 82 movement parts, a unique and gorgeous ‘changing’ dance is performed together.

This watch is equipped with an 18K rose gold triple folding buckle. The buckle is exquisitely crafted and polished, and the buckle is printed with the Montblanc brand name in English.

In order to cushion the wide diameter of this watch, this watch is also unique in the treatment of the lugs. Although the lugs of this watch are shorter from the front, the curvature is larger than that of ordinary watches. At the same time it is more suitable for wearing, it gradually tightens at the tip of the lugs and visually lengthens the lines of the lugs, so that the proportion of the entire watch is coordinated, large and not stupid.

The hour hand with Roman numerals is located at 12 o’clock on the dial, and the minute hand is displayed at 210 o’clock between 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. The date display also uses the pointer design and is located at 6 o’clock on the dial.

In just 5 seconds, the Villeret 1858 Series II watch will change from the classic and elegant regular time display to a sporty chronograph function. The chronograph dial uses Arabic numerals and 12 hours at 12 o’clock The bottom of the cumulative chronograph dial is decorated with Paris spikes, the central second hand becomes a chronograph second hand, the 6 o’clock azimuth disc displays the 30-minute cumulative chronograph, and the function of the minute hand remains unchanged. It is worth mentioning that the dial display function and the corresponding hidden function are independent of each other and do not affect each other: when the dial is displayed as normal time, the timekeeping function and date display below can keep normal operation; when the timekeeping display appears on the dial, The time period can be displayed instantly.

The watch uses 18K solid gold to create the dial, and uses the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology to differentiate the hands and sub dials with different functions. The inner area of ​​the dial is decorated with hand-carved wheat ears, and the lower area of ​​the dial is designed with a sapphire crystal glass bridge with a matte ring pattern. Different hand-decorated decorative patterns not only create a strong layered sense of the dial, but also provide the best contrast and sharpness when reading different information.

The bottom case of the case also uses a piece of sapphire crystal glass to give a glimpse into the movement of the internal movement.

This watch is equipped with an MBM67.40 manual-winding mechanical movement, which consists of 746 parts, of which 494 parts are used for ‘change’ function conversion. The movement contains 85 jewel bearings and the vibration frequency is 18,000 times. / Hour (2.5 Hz), can provide about 50 hours of power reserve.


Summary: Based on more than 156 years of heritage in the two watchmaking workshops of Reno and Viller, Switzerland, Montblanc finally presents the Viller 1858 Series II watch to the world. From the beginning of the design to the final molding, this watch follows the most demanding and traditional Swiss Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship, represents the infinite potential of the integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, and makes Montblanc again based on Swiss Haute Horlogerie. The core position of the field. This watch will be issued in a limited edition of only 18 pieces worldwide, and each watch is a model of time evolution. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Introduction Of Iwc Automatic 2000 Watches

The author has always liked the elegant taste brought by the appearance of IWC, large surface and simple design, which makes people often give people elegant style. As an IWC sports watch, Aquatimer Automatic The crisp, bright colors and glandular strips of the 2000 give it a very reliable feel, simple, steady, and approachable.

We know that diving requires scuba equipment to make people stay in the water. It is an extreme sport with limited time. In addition to professional diving equipment, a reliable diving watch is indispensable. There are many types of watches on the market. IWC has a wealth of case manufacturing experience. The Aquatimer 2000 series, as its name implies, can withstand the pressure of 2000 meters at sea depth. As the waterproof king of the marine timepiece series, it inherits such excellent bloodlines. Wearing it will definitely enhance the professionalism of watch appreciation. Although wearing IWC in the print can be like a handsome and handsome gentleman, the sportiness of this Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is just as enchanting. There is a bottom line under each pointer number on the rotating bezel, which adds dynamic.

The situation map on the official website gives a handsome image, a feeling of ‘yes, the diving watch is to be worn like this’ and ‘the diving watch is to be taken to dive’. IWC launched the first Aquatimer with a water resistance of 200 meters in 1967, which caused a sensation with the function of waterproofing 2000 meters.

In 1982, IWC produced Ocean 2000 for PORSCHE DESIGN. The titanium case and the waterproof function up to 2000M made collectors love it, so Ocean 2000 has rarely been circulated in the second watch market until now.
Aquatimer Automatic 2000 watch 俓 44mm, this size gives a sense of space on the dial layout, the color and design still meet the simple and stylish sense of IWC, rectangular hour markers are located on the white dial, the width ratio of the hour and minute hands It feels mature and stable; the design of the large watch is actually more convenient for reading when diving. The newly developed rotating bezel replaces the previous inner ring. This change is the main feature of the 2009 IWC Aquatimer series. . The big time target design makes people feel generous and very pleased. The newly developed rotating case has a blue and green combination, and the time-scale fluorescent color on the surface is like green with blue. This model has ‘Backlighting’ The rotating diving outer ring is a convincing design by IWC engineers: inside the multifunctional outer ring is a 4mm wide sapphire glass ring, and the bottom is coated with a concentrated Super-LumiNova & reg; luminous coating, which is especially suitable for night diving.

There are four models with two surfaces and two straps on the official website. The black surface with yellow scale and the 1/4 on the rotatable bezel. The collocation emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and stability. I like the combination of yellow and black with a metal strap and white with a black rubber strap. And technically speaking, bright yellow must reach a very deep bottom to be filtered out and invisible, which is an important special design. This color scheme is the second model of the Aquatimer 2000. The main body is a white surface, the 1/4 rotatable outer ring is white, and the orange numbers are matched. The ends of the hour, hour and second hands are orange.

The series name ‘Aquatimer’ also appeared for the first time in small font on the dial. This pairing is also a rubber strap, which is not the same as the black rubber strap above. The strap has ribbed embossing. Orange and blue are originally contrasting colors, which can really highlight your personal style. This is a black and orange metal bracelet version on white, each with its own flavor, but the author still prefers the black rubber strap. The white surface is equipped with orange hour and hour markers, plus a black rubber strap. Even though most of the time, the metal bracelet is more appreciated, but the dynamic seal of this watch still makes people think that it should be matched with a black rubber strap. . When it comes to bracelets, I should mention the IWC stainless steel bracelet system and the black rubber strap with pin buckle. Aquatimer uses an innovative quick-change system for the bracelet. The buckle of the protected inner buckle of the bracelet or strap can be opened by pressing it with your fingers. It only takes a few seconds to change to the bracelet or strap. You can also choose the buckle type extension strap, which is the type of extension bracelet for the convenience of wearing on the wetsuit.

The Aquatimer Automatic 2000 dive watch is the same as the previous model in the series. This model is based on the 30110 automatic movement. The crown can be pulled out to stop the second hand for adjustment. The design of the bottom cover is quite thick, because the water resistance can reach 2000M. In order to resist the strong pressure under the water, it obviously protrudes from the case body. It is a special design for the screw-in bottom cover.

On both sides, you can see that the ‘shortcut’ 30110 automatic winding movement that can quickly replace the bracelet by pressing with a finger. This is a movement modified by IWC based on ETA 2892A2. It has a two-way automatic winding function and an eccentric screw fine-tuning device. , Thickness is only 3.6mm, has 21 ruby ​​bearings, with date display, pull out the crown to stop the second hand for adjustment. The main parts of the watch, such as clockwork, hairspring, and gear train, are all of the highest grade or manufacturer-specific specifications in order to improve the stability and accuracy of the operation. Therefore, the grade is much higher than the ordinary ETA 2892A2, and the surface of the movement is polished It is also of a high level.

Finally, to share the professional specifications of this watch:
Aquatimer Automatic 2000
Brand: IWC
Core: CAL.30110 automatic winding movement
Movement elements: vibration frequency 28.800vph / 21 stones
Function: hour, minute, second, date display
Water resistance: 2000 meters
Power reserve: 42 hours
Table diameter: 44 mm
Material: stainless steel case / sapphire crystal glass

Replica Patek Philippe One-eyed Dragon Watch

18k rose gold case, produced in 1989, diameter 38×28 mm, thickness 8 mm
Price Including Commission: $ 30,000
Estimated price: USD 20,000 ~ 30,000
     The price of Patek Philippe’s Cyclops Ref. 3969 is not high, and the final transaction price of this 150th anniversary model is fixed at US $ 30,000. Of course, if it is other brands of Cyclops products may not be sold at this price. But because it is Patek Philippe, it is completely understandable. The hour window at 12 o’clock is a selling point. In the impression, OMEGA also has a similar model, even a barrel-shaped case, of course, the price will definitely not be so high. If it is already visually exhausting for Patek Philippe’s complex models, then a watch as simple as Ref. 3969 will not work. In fact, you don’t have to think too much about the issue of appreciation investment. Such a watch would have less output. For those who can participate in the Patek Philippe auction, it is definitely a good choice. Gold watches have always been an element of high-end products in the watch industry. After all, making watches with precious metal materials is an important indicator for each brand to position its product line. Any complicated watch will be represented by precious metals. Someone once joked that the ‘starter’ mentality of gold watches only prevails in the Mainland. In fact, otherwise, gold watches still have works close to art, and they can be accepted worldwide.