Ulysse Nardin Uses Patented Material Diamonsil To Create Its Own Movement Un-118

With the invention of the new movement UN-118, in the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Ulysse Nardin has once again confirmed its leadership in the watch industry.

 The movement UN-118 follows the pace of the first self-developed Sonata watch movement UN-66 / 67 and the anniversary movement UN-160, a major step forward in the innovation of movement technology.
 The escapement of the movement UN-118 was developed by the cooperation between the Athenian watch factory and the Swiss company Sigatec.
 DIAMonSIL is a revolutionary alliance of silicon and synthetic diamonds. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and eliminates the need to add lubricant to the escapement-this is definitely the holy grail of watchmakers.

 Sigatec is the only company in the world capable of producing high-precision parts in silicon and DiamonSil, and they have mastered a nanotechnology that will take many years to develop.
 The movement UN-118 will be the first member of the self-developed movement series. This series uses the patented DIAMonSIL escapement, with a homemade oscillator that can be adjusted with 4 screws, and a silicon 1.1.1 spring. This oscillator was patented in 2007 and first launched on the market in March 2008. It is used in Sonata silicon crystal limited watches.
 ‘Athens Watch’s strategy to develop its own movement technology allows us to control its quality.’ Said Mr. Rove Schneider, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Athens Watch. Watches are for future generations to be treasured. ‘
 The movement UN-118 is also equipped with a 60-hour power reserve and a calendar display that can be adjusted forward and backward instantly.
 Technical Information Movement UN -118

 The self-designed and developed movement won the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC)-the escapement is made of patented DIAMonSIL oscillator: the patented inertia balance wheel I 10 and silicon 1.1.1 balance spring total diameter: 31.60 mm total thickness: 6.45 mm : 60 hours Number of parts: 248 Number of gems: 50 Frequency: 4 Hz, 28,800 times per hour
 Côtes de Genève Geneva stripe circular pattern Côtes de Genève Geneva wave pattern Ring texture Diamond cut corners-plated with platinoïde metal alloy
 Hour and minute hands in the center position Direct-drive small seconds hand Power reserve display Six-position calendar window display, date can be adjusted quickly back and forth

Famous Movie Star Chris Hemsworth Makes His Debut At The Formula E Championship New York

World-renowned Australian actor and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth drives his electric car to the world’s first all-electric series of Formula Electric Championship At the opening ceremony of the New York Station, Sam Bird won the championship that day.

Chris Hemsworth is testing the new circuit under the New York City skyline.

Turn right to the next goal.
 The world’s first all-electric series, the FIA ​​Formula E Grand Prix, was held for the first time in New York City. As the TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Chris Hemsworth challenged the Formula E Championship after simulator training to understand the track and engine.

Chris Hemsworth listened carefully to some of the valuable advice provided by the first FIA Formula E Championship champion Melson Piquet Jr.

The 1.947-kilometer New York City Speedway is packed with exciting races.
 The Australian actor was fortunate to experience the new 1.947 km (1.21 mile) track, witnessed by the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. Chris Hemsworth is carefully familiar with the powerful electric car, adhering to the spirit of ‘no fear under the weight of pressure’ and hitting the world only once before returning.

Before participating in Electric Formula, Chris Hemsworth trained on a driving simulator.

TAG Heuer has maintained a close relationship with racing cars since the brand sponsored the first F1 driver Jo Siffert in 1969 with the legendary Autavia.
 On Sunday, Sam Bird and DS Virgin Motorsports teammates won the first New York championship on a highly technical circuit with speed. Congratulations.

Roger Dubuis Will Launch The King Arthur Roundtable Watch Next Year

Next year, Swiss watch brand Roger Dubuis will launch an ‘Excalibur Table Ronde’ watch subordinate to its ‘Sword of the King’ series.

Roger Dubius Arthur Roundtable
This limited production of 88 watches with green and white round enamel dial support 12 sword knights made of gold, forming the dial’s 12 time scales. Obviously, this design is derived from the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. ?

The watch has 12 round gold enamel dials supported by green and white enamel dials, forming 12 time scales on the dial.
The turquoise and white hand-painted enamel dial replicates the shape of a round table suspended from the Winchester Castle in England. The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
Green and white hand-painted enamel dials replicate the shape of a round table suspended from Winchester Castle, England
On the Ebara pattern, the name of the twelve knights was written in a circle. Henry VIII himself was sitting on the throne of King Arthur. The center of the round table below the throne was a rosette representing the Tudor royal family.

    The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Corum Kunlun Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night Watch

Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch is the first Admiral’s Cup series watch with world map and day / night display. In addition to retaining the characteristics of the Admiral’s Cup series, the watch is sturdy and lightweight. The world map centered on the North Pole clearly shows the time zones around the world, as well as its day and night. Easy to master the world anytime, anywhere, is definitely the ideal choice for adventure travel or business travel.

The Admiral’s Cup was first introduced in 1960. For more than 50 years, it has inherited its unique 12-sided case and 12-sided nautical pennant pattern as a time stamp design feature, and has been applied to watch design for a long time. In addition to showing its distinctive characteristics, it also symbolizes its irreplaceable position in history. At present, the Admiral’s Cup series can be divided into three different styles: the classic and classic Legend style; the stylish and unique Challenger sports watch style suitable for any occasion; and designed for extreme sports The rugged, precise and durable Seafender sports watch.
The new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch has a striking 48mm diameter Grade 5 titanium case that offers unparalleled legibility. The hollowed out Princess-style hour and minute hands, the front of the hands are more luminous; the end of the second hand is set with the brand identity-the famous CORUM key; and the date window is set at 3 o’clock.
However, the most attractive thing is the dial of the real time ‘show’ decorated with Geneva decoration. The center map is printed with a 24-hour time zone grid and a circle with a white triangle mark on the top. Shaped transparent rotating disc. The entire transparent rotating disk plays a dual role: the small white triangle around it-which can be adjusted through the crown-indicates the time in the second time zone. This feature makes it easy for the wearer to check the time in another place at any time. In addition, when the small white triangle is adjusted to Greenwich Mean Time, the fully transparent half of the rotating disk is showing that the regions of the world are now daylight, while the other half of the rotating disk is gray showing that those regions are now evening.
The dial is complemented by a black vulcanized rubber bezel and protected by a surface made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The bottom of the case is also equipped with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch is available in two styles: the first is a black dial and the map represents the night watch style, limited to 200 pieces; the second is a light gray dial and map Represents a day watch style, limited to 150 pieces. Both watches are water-resistant to 300 meters, and have a black leather strap with rubber treatment, and a grade 5 titanium pin buckle engraved with the CORUM logo.
Source: Corum

Beijing And Shanghai Jointly Set Off And Sent Emotions At A Glance. Zenith Helped The Gentleman To Ride The Charity Event To A Perfect Ending.

(September 25, 2015, Beijing and Shanghai), suits, bow ties, and cufflinks that seem to have nothing to do with motorcycle riders were reinterpreted by the coffee knights, riding Bobber, Scrambler and others A superb retro motorcycle that kicks off a gentleman’s cycling tour in both places. Zenith, as the official global partner of DGR, actively responded to this significant event and assisted in fundraising, thereby launching a special commemorative edition of the Pilot Ton-Up limited edition of five watches, which will serve as an outstanding fundraiser worldwide. Prizes.

   Gentlemen are always given different images and definitions. They can be workaholics, life activists, or even old urchins. No matter which image they have, they have a rigorous work attitude. They are full of fun in life and have rich insights and Seniority, but without losing the heart of young fun. And now there are such ‘gentleman knights’ who wear monocles with monocles, well-groomed beards, silk vests, washed shirts, and tailors’ tailor-made suits. They are gathered in retro motorcycles. Chatting and cycling together created another new cultural trend-the retro gentleman knight culture. The knights took courage as their blade, wisdom as their sheath, and stepped on the retro motorcycles that were cool enough to perfectly interpret the spirit of the coffee knight. What’s more significant is that gentleman riding is not only a riding, but also a charity event aimed at paying attention to men’s health, raising funds for prostate cancer treatment research, and letting the cycling crown spread and pass on in the name of ‘goodness.’

Beijing and Shanghai twin cities, two styles interpret the chivalry of retro gentlemen

   Born in the 1950s on London Street, the coffee knight, developed subcultures including the pursuit of speed, a love of rock music, and a blood-like passion for motorcycles. They are loyal to challenge, they can cross the summit, through the jungle, or across the desert to explore the unknown life. Dare to break the framework of stereotypes, do not follow the secular vision, pursue excellence, do not fall into the limelight, and enjoy the thrill of sprinting and conquering.

   The cycling tour of Gentlemen in Two Cities is on the rise. Beijing is issued by ACE Cafe, a sacred place for motorcycle culture. (Destination is undecided.) Shanghai is issued by Linjiang Road from the 1933 old factory building of Fashion Creative Design Center. Two cities with the most Chinese characteristics, two different styles interpret the culture of retro motorcycles. In the roar of the engine, the locomotive riding team accelerated the throttle, leaving the dust, and released the free heart in the gallop, feeling the thrill of freedom.

   The handsome figures of the ‘Coffee Knights’ who had been in Ace Café and the swashbuckling faces in the gallop seemed to remain in the minds of every gentleman and knight, deeply affecting this group of people, and generation after generation of young people No matter it is Beijing in the compound of Hutong culture in the courtyard or Shanghai in the quiet but mixed with the lively alleys, the heart and dream of chasing wind and chasing speed are passed on from generation to generation.

Zenith TON-UP watch, the epitome of a retro gentleman

   Culture is the epitome of the city, and accessories are the embodiment of style. The Zenith TON-UP watch condenses the spirit of the coffee knight and inherits the most influential retro motorcycle culture in global history. The atmospheric 45mm diameter retro stainless steel case inherits the various attributes of the Pilot series-including large-size luminous Arabic numerals and a grooved wide twist-lock crown-with a retro look. The light olive-gray dial with grainy decorative pattern supports two chronograph dials, and the arched sapphire crystal glass covers it, and the faceted hands and numbers with beige luminous coating are clearly visible on the dial. The pure titanium case back, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, is engraved with the words ‘Café Racer Spirit’, like a medal of honor.

   In response to this extraordinary event and assisting in fundraising, Zenith launched the Pilot Ton-Up DGR Special Limited Edition watch. A limited edition of 5 watches will serve as prizes for outstanding fundraisers worldwide. One of them will be awarded to the individual with the highest donation of Zenith’s watch team, and three will be awarded to the top three donors for gentleman road riding fundraising. The last watch numbered 00 will be It will be auctioned on September 27th at a special formal evening event in London hosted by Huntsman and The Rake. This watch combines distinctive personality, originality, unrestrained freedom and excellent taste, which perfectly explains the core spirit of a gentleman road ride. When cycling meets charity, it is given a whole new meaning. The battle with ‘sweet enemies’ cities full of smoke is no longer open in Beijing films or Wu Nong soft words, coffee knights on all sides go forward to support human health!

About Gentleman Road Riding (DGR):

   (Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride) is a global charity event designed to raise awareness of men’s health plans on behalf of the Movember Foundation, a partner of the charitable organization, as well as research on prostate cancer treatment Raise money. This will be an event that brings together men’s and women’s motorcycle hobbies from all over the world. Classic and retro styles and lightweight motorcycles will come together. By then, every high-class person from all over the world will show their extraordinaryness, start the motor for a meaningful event, and fuel health on classic motorcycles. This is a day of joy, and we will work together to make our own contribution to men’s health.

Elegant And Smart Tasting Mido Bruna Series Rose Gold Small Three-hand Watch

Swiss Mido, founded in 1918, intends to use high-quality materials and precise movements to make a watch that can become a close friend of the wearer. Mido is good at drawing inspiration from architecture and integrating timeless design and use functions into the watch. The Bruner series watch design inspiration comes from the New York landmark Chrysler Building. The modern and elegant, atmospheric and delicate building is integrated into the watch, exuding a charming light. Today, the watch house brings you this rose gold small three-pin watch, the official model: M024.428.36.031.00.

   This elegant and elegant watch has a case diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 12.6 mm. It is made of stainless steel and is plated with rose gold. The rose gold case with white dial is delicate and exquisite. The brown strap makes the watch mature and stable.


   The crown of the watch is a common round crown with tooth marks on the side of the crown, which is easy to grasp the adjustment time; the top of the crown is engraved with the English name ‘MIDO’. The crown is polished to a smooth cut and bright color.


   The watch is paired with a dark brown alligator leather strap. The strap is well cut, the natural pattern is beautiful and natural, and the edges are stitched with brown silk. The crocodile skin is soft and tough for comfortable wearing.


   The rose gold case of the watch is streamlined on both sides, with smooth and beautiful lines. The surface of the watch is polished and polished to make it smooth and smooth; the watch bezel is carefully treated to show a beautiful ladder surface, and the case is more layered. .


   The watch lugs and case are integrally formed, with smooth links, the lugs are not long, and exquisite and compact; the lugs are slightly curved, ensuring that the watch fits the watch more closely and makes it more comfortable to wear.


   The strap is linked with a folding buckle, the buckle is made of stainless steel, and the outer layer is plated with rose gold to perfectly match the case. The folding buckle is convenient to open and close, not easy to fall off naturally, and easy to wear.


   The white dial of the watch is exquisitely designed, and its surface is decorated with radial corrugations. The hands are designed with small three hands. The small seconds dial is located at seven o’clock. The date is displayed at three o’clock. The hour markers are elegant rose gold.

Small seconds

   The small seconds dial at seven o’clock is small and exquisite, and the hands are slender, using a scale of five seconds. The radial ripples of the dial are arranged in a divergent pattern with the small seconds as the center.

Table bottom

   The back of the watch is transparent, and the inner movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal; the inside is equipped with an automatic movement. On the bottom of the case and on the rotor of the movement are engraved the brand logo and some relevant parameters of the watch.

Summary: This Mido Bruna series watch adopts the elegant and agile small three-pin design, using the delicate and beautiful decorative dial, this watch reveals elegance and elegance everywhere. The elegant appearance, calm temperament and restrained style of this watch can make the wearer of the watch always maintain self-confidence and highlight his unique personal charm.

Seven Cases Of ‘shenzhen Clock And Watch Exhibition’

Fiyta’s exhibition hall full of science and technology, the colors constantly change, fully mobilize
The enthusiasm of the visitors. Magnetic levitation technology is used in the exhibit display.
A small tray makes the watch float in the air like weightlessness.
   1. Largest ever
   According to the exhibition preparatory committee, this year’s Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is based on the previous No. 1 Watch Brand Hall, adding a No. 6 Watch Parts Hall, with a total of more than 1,500 booths and a static and dynamic exhibition area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters. For the most ever.
   In terms of domestic watch brands, Runosd, Lotusman, Aoshiqi, Luoweini, Faydi, Casima, etc. Exhibit once. Insiders have revealed that in recent years, many manufacturers that have processed exterior parts have transformed their watches and created their own brands. This can be seen from the increase in the number of participating brands. However, making accessories and developing brands are two completely different paths. How far you can go depends on your own practice.
   In addition, as China’s position in the world’s luxury and watch consumption has become pivotal in recent years, overseas brands’ entry into the Chinese market has become more vigorous. The exhibition area of ​​overseas brand zones this year has increased significantly compared with last year. LACO from Germany, Lamborghini from Italy, Esprit from the United States, Issey Miyake from Japan, and internationally renowned fashions such as PUMA, AMV, and SENTINEL Brands are making their debut. The newly-added ‘Swiss Brand District’ brings together a unique design hall of 360 square meters, including Codex, Mondaine, EDOX, JoSiffert, Evilard, ETOILE, Peter Tanisman and other Swiss Independent brands, let domestic consumers see the ‘watch kingdom’ style. And the only Swiss-Chinese joint venture group company in the exhibition area that has the membership of the Swiss Watch Association and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Swiss Watch World Bank also once again brought Swiss Military By Chrono, ClaudeBernard, Four Swiss brands from Cover, Louis Erard participated. 2. The best exhibition experience-Fiyta showroom
   According to current popular theories, today’s high-end goods sell not only products, but also a ‘consumer experience’, so it is not enough to just make a good product. The best performer in this respect this year is Fiyta. The exhibition hall full of science and technology fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the visitors. It also adopted magnetic levitation technology in the display of the exhibits. The watch was floated in the air through a small tray and fastened to fly Yada’s theme of moving forward with China’s space industry. As the flagship of China’s watch industry, Fiyta has taken the lead in shaping the brand image. The ‘Impression Beijing’ series produced by Beijing Watch Factory launched the first four watches.
All are based on the contrast between old and new buildings in Beijing. They record the changes of the times.
The face of this one is ‘North Sea and Water Cube,’ and the one on the right is ‘People’s Congress.’
Church and Bird’s Nest. ‘
   3. The most popular mechanical watch style-7 o’clock hollow
   Continuing the topic of design, if the most absent from the watch exhibition is the original design style, then the most abundant is the 7-point hollow-out style. The reason is that everyone uses the same series of Citizen movements, and the watches made are very similar. Someone joked that if the LOGO is removed, even the CEOs of various brands do not know which watch is made by their own. This is as emphasized by Mr. Zhang Xialing, Honorary President of the China Watch Association, at the Summit Forum: Without the self-produced movement, it is impossible to achieve product differentiation, enhance competitiveness, and make the brand difficult to last. 4. The Most Urgent Problem-Design
   This year’s ‘China Watch and Clock Summit Forum’ takes ‘the future of the design industry’ as the theme. Naturally, design has also become the focus of attention in this year’s watch and clock exhibition, but this is precisely what is generally lacking in domestic watches. Looking at home-made brands, there are few works that can stand out in terms of design. There is no such thing as a completely original design product in the models on display in the exhibited models. It is really a sadness for domestic watches.
    5. Most eye-catching products-Impression Beijing Series
   With the end of the first day of the exhibition tour, Impression Beijing series became the most mentioned work. This series was specially designed for the Beijing Watch Factory by Dr. Ren Jin, a jewellery consultant and the leading figure in China’s jewelry design industry. This series is based on the theme of Beijing culture. The first four watches that come out combine the new and old landmark buildings in Beijing, the screen printing process for old buildings, and the enamel process for new buildings. They have been repeatedly demonstrated in the design process. , The price is also facing the public, is expected to become a classic domestic watch series. 6. The most ‘popular’ complication-the tourbillon
   Among the many complicated functions of watches, domestic watches are best at making tourbillons. Today, the domestic brands that launch tourbillon watches and the Swiss brands that launch tourbillons are indistinguishable from each other in quantity, and the price is ten or even hundreds of times. It also makes the ‘domestic tourbillon’ an increasingly new concept. At this year’s Shenzhen Watch Fair, Yibo launched an orbital tourbillon watch. Coincidentally, Tianjin Seagull also launched an orbital tourbillon and orbital double tourbillon movement, which has not yet been made into a watch.
   7. The most famous domestic watch brand that Zeng Jin once called—Tianba Watch
   Only readers who were born before the 1980s should remember the slogan “Tianba, the irresistible temptation” that was popular in the country at the beginning of the reform and opening up. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tianba watch. In commemoration, the brand not only launched a commemorative watch, launched a collection of ‘My Story with Tenba Watch’ and a ‘themed work exhibition’, but also held a large-scale theme dinner ‘Thirty Years Ago’. Tianba can be regarded as the earliest domestically produced domestic watch brand and one of the earliest domestic watches using quartz movements. After earning the first bucket of gold, the owner of Tianba watch changed to the mining industry, not only now Can the head of the Tianba watch manage this long-term brand with special significance?

Athens Classico Filled Enamel Gold Dragon Watch

Movement: UN-815 automatic movement
Case: 18k rose gold
Dial: Enamel dial made of different colors by using different metal oxides
Power reserve: 42 hours
Water resistance: 50 meters
Global distribution: limited to 30
The design of the ‘Dragon Opera Pearl’ is slightly old-fashioned, but the craftsmanship is quite exquisite, the color is very bright, the background color is very strong, and the color of the dragon is very strong. Recognize brand characteristics. This dragon watch is bright and colorful, which has certain appeal to ‘lecherous’ collectors.
Orange red, yellow dragon, blue dial, champagne gold edge, dark brown strap, the entire watch is relatively strong, vibrant, exudes youthfulness.
表 This watch is colorful, auspicious and joyous, it is eye-catching. There are some shortcomings in the understanding of the dragon. In the Dream of the Red Mansion, there was such a description: ‘Where is its text, Longyou Qunum?’
It stands to reason that Athens should have surprises in making enamels, especially for the design of oriental themes, but I am not very optimistic about this watch. The main reason is the design and pattern. It is slightly simple and weak. The enamel technology is not. Anyway. But a very significant feature is that these red and blue colors are very folkloric in China. It is very interesting if it is an ordinary commemorative table.
Jinlong white claw black ground, compact and simple composition, rich and eye-catching.

Hamilton ‘haoqingxinsheng’ 2012 New Tianjin Joy City Release

Hamilton, a world-renowned watch brand, celebrated the first month of the month, and held the 2012 new product launch tour in Tianjin Joy City Mall from January 7 to 17, 2012. Sounded the first aviation horn in 2012. In the 1930s, the Chinese watch became the designated time for major airlines such as Global Air, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and glorious record of the first direct east-west coast of the United States. Hamilton, a world-renowned watch brand, celebrated the first month of January, and held a 2012 new product launch tour inside Tianjin Joy City Mall from January 7th to 17th, 2012, which blew the first in 2012. Acoustic horn. The theme of this tour is passionate and free aviation culture and a long and deep brand history. It brings the excellent functions such as the Khaki Pioneer automatic chronograph equipped with the new H21, H31 main movement, the Jazz Master watch, and the Khaki Skywalker watch New product. At the same time, Hamilton also brought a 1: 1 model of aerobatic aircraft that has performed brilliantly in the world’s largest air show Air Ventura. The eye-catching shape shocked the audience and witnessed the brilliance of Hamilton’s new 2012 landing in Tianjin for the first time. moment. Hamilton’s Air Love
The history of aviation in the Han Dynasty has a long history. In the 1920s, Hamilton became the designated timer for major American airlines with its precision and stability, and timed the first direct east-west coast of the United States to New York-Los Angeles. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civilian watches, focusing on the production of special watches for the United States Army, Air Force, and Air Force. During World War II, a total of 1 million watches were provided to the US military as timing tools Among them are many aviation instruments and watches with stable performance and excellent functions. Today, Hamilton has launched a number of watches that incorporate aviation elements and excellent performance, and have frequently appeared at major air shows and aviation competitions in the world.
The 1: 1 model of the aerobatic aircraft that Hamilton has performed brilliantly at the World’s Largest Air Show Air Ventura Airshow Conference, with exquisite workmanship and orange-red design with the Hamilton logo, is fully displayed to the world. Shows Hamilton’s uninhibited pride and publicity. The Hamilton brand, just like a stunt plane ready to go, is about to reach full power and soar into the sky.
[Plain personality, pursuit of freedom] Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Autochrono
Among the many new varieties on display, the most notable event of this event is the Khaki Pioneer Autochrono. It replicates the aviation military watch of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Coin patterns, snake eye needles, ‘ Onion crowns, anti-magnetic soft iron and other authentic vintage aviation elements and the latest Hamilton H31 movement bring the triple shock of military watches, aviation and contemporary technology. Every detail highlights Hamilton’s publicity and pursuit of freedom.
[Modern design, accurate taste] Hamilton Khaki Skywalker UTC
Another military watch popular with consumers, the Khaki Skywalker watch, reveals a strong nostalgic atmosphere from the inside out. The high-strength parameters of the 300-meter waterproof and dazzling mirror surface show the quality of military watches. The functions of both places and the display of 24 major airports in the world are the most reliable partners of contemporary elites. The dial is available in black and brown colors. The contrast of the scale color is clear and easy to read. The back cover is engraved with the Hamilton family coat of arms, retro and textured; Swiss-made, excellent antimagnetic performance and other words highlight the high-end quality of the watch. At the same time, many high-tech processing techniques and imaginative modern materials are used. The heavy use of modern materials reflects the brand’s vibrant and innovative character. Hamilton Khaki Skywalker is gaining popularity worldwide with its precise performance and modern chic appearance, which has won the favor of contemporary business elites.

简洁 [Simple, stable, retro and elegant] Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro Auto chrono
As the representative of the Hamilton brand men’s chronograph watch, the Jazz Master watch is famous for its tough atmosphere. The new H21 automatic chronograph movement rejuvenates this classic style. The new master continues the introduction of the predecessor and adds many modern designs. The elegant all-white dial with golden waterdrop scales and baton hands interprets classic time. Modern The elegant grey plate has a chic personality, expressing the atmosphere of the times. With a textured leather strap, it is your choice for business meetings, fashion parties, and travel.

Tianwang Table ‘legend · Genesis’

The 25th anniversary of the ‘Legend · Genesis’ national tour of Shenyang Zhongxing Mansion Station kicked off. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, Tianwang Watch and Jia Nailiang, the famous movie star, reconnected and performed a romantic legend together.

 In order to express his recognition of Jia Nailiang’s aggressive spirit and attitude in his career and to celebrate the re-association of the two parties, Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman of Shijibao Investment Co., Ltd. presented Jia Nailiang with a distinguished and elegant golden knight couple watch. At the same time, coincided with the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman of the Timepiece Group, also presented a mysterious and romantic gift, the Golden Knight Couple Watch, as a gift for Qixi Festival to Mrs. Jia Nailiang’s Li Xiaolu as a gift to express her beauty. blessing.

 At the event, Jia Nailiang expressed his blessings to Utopus, and also highly praised the brilliant legend created by Utopus for 25 years. At this point, the second stop of the national tour of the 25th anniversary of the ‘Legend · Genesis’ Tianwang Table-Shenyang Zhongxing Station successfully concluded.