Simple And Stylish Five Recommended Watches For Men

Men’s must-have watches must be simple, generous, no gorgeous colors, the function is best simple three-pin and a date display window is perfect, the movement must be selected from It’s cool and stylish enough to produce a movement. Today I recommend a few simple and stylish wrist gear for everyone, I hope everyone likes it.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterControl q1408420 watch

Watch Series: Master Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 37 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 59,000
Watch details:

Watch Series: Commander
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 37,600
Watch details: zenith / 821 /
Comment: This watch uses the Zenith Elite 670 automatic winding movement, Zenith Elite movement is one of the best movements today, accurate and reliable travel time. The dial’s large three-handed design is simple and easy to read, and the date display window is at 6 o’clock. Stainless steel case and brown alligator strap.

Summary: The watches recommended above are simple but not simple. There are no other decorations on the appearance. The round dial is also accepted by everyone, and there is a good ‘core’ inside. table. Only such a simple and good watch will be favored by people.

International Trade Montblanc Sky Pen Exhibition Sale High-end Cocktails Become Charitable Initiative

Recently, an extremely luxurious Montblanc limited edition exhibition and wine reception was held exclusively at New World Department Store Guomao! The high-end exquisite exhibits made the top VIPs enjoy a lavish feast!

 Montblanc, an international brand that represents elegance and timelessness, sells limited edition fountain pens and exquisitely crafted watches. One of the Baolong One Fund ink pens worth about 249,000 yuan is the most eye-catching! Platinum precision casting, condensing the top-level hollow technology, the pen body is set with crystal clear flawless diamonds, which attracted the guests at the scene. And this ‘high price’ ink pen even contains lofty goodwill!
The reporter learned that this ink pen was specially created in support of One Foundation, a charity founded by Mr. Jet Li. It is limited to 30 pieces worldwide, and each Montblanc sold will contribute 5,000 Euros to One Foundation!
New World Department Store has successfully hosted many high-end brand cocktail parties over the years. Valuable branded luxury goods have often landed in China World Trade Center, invited the city’s top business elites and celebrities to come and become a gathering place for high-end high-end tastings! The combination of luxury and charity allows customers to immerse themselves in high-end quality life and enjoy the spiritual satisfaction brought by charity to help others! The reception will continue until April 7.

Romantic Tanabata Expressing The Most ‘library’ Attitude

(July 2019, Shanghai, China) Qixi Festival is approaching. Looking up at the Xinghe River in midsummer, you will always remember the love story chanted by the world. The two places are separated, but they are unwavering; they make love as a covenant and do not forget their original heart. One year a year, this holiday season, RADO Swiss Radar selected 2019 new masterpiece CaptainCook Captain Cook automatic mechanical watch, let this timepiece witness the affectionate moments of lovers, express the most ‘ku’ heart!
Express the most ‘library’ intentions

 The legendary experience of Captain James Cook, an 18th-century British explorer, inspired this series of watches. The design also incorporates the spirit of the era of freedom and adventure unique to the 1960s. Retro and modern harmony are tribute. An inspiration for adventure and self-breakthrough. The new RADO CaptainCook automatic mechanical watch launched in 2019 is available in two sizes of 37mm and 42mm. While it has the classic elements of the prototype watch launched in 1962, it uses the brand’s iconic material. Made of scientific and technological ceramics, set a milestone breakthrough element of RADO Swiss radar. This retro and modern timepiece reflects the brand’s persistent focus and pursuit of materials and craftsmanship, just like the two heroes in the legend of Qixi Festival, which overcomes all difficulties and crosses the distant galaxy. .

RADO CaptainCook Automatic 42mm

 The RADO CaptainCook 42mm Captain Cook automatic watch retains the popular characteristics of original watches such as the unique sword-shaped and arrow-shaped hands and arched dial. The sunken bezel is made of high-tech ceramics. It is made to effectively improve the wear resistance of the watch; the sapphire glass mirror provides excellent protection for the dial. The high-quality Swiss automatic mechanical movement can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve function. These outstanding functions and characteristics demonstrate the RADO’s unremitting pursuit of quality and accuracy, and they are a long-term wrist companion for couples. , To accompany you and your loved ones to witness the loving life in the years of migration.

RADO CaptainCook Automatic 42mm


 迢迢 Altair, the Han Chinese girl. As bright as the magnificent galaxy of Qixi Festival, it is RADO Swiss radar watch Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch. This watch is carefully crafted from the brand’s signature material, plasma high-tech ceramics: 12 brilliant diamonds are used as hour markers on the dark blue dial, with luxurious details and luxury charm. The limited edition of this watch is limited to 1,314 pieces. There are many figures of great significance in Chinese culture, and ‘1314’ is one of them. Similar to the pronunciation of ‘One Life and One World’, this number is often used to indicate eternal love, and the unending love symbolized is perpetual. RADO Swiss engraved this romantic number on the case back of each new Haoxing 1313 automatic limited edition watch, which fits closely to the skin on the wrist when worn, meaning a life like a confidant I love each other.

RADO Swiss radar watch HyperChrome Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch

All but one life

 The Tanabata story passed to us, in addition to the determination to cross thousands of mountains and rivers, but also the courage to become an independent soul. The perfect interpretation of steadfast love is that two individuals in love, interdependent and independent, have stood the test of time, love each other for a lifetime, and live forever. RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Adhering to the design concept of the Diamond Diamond Series, it is made of shiny polished plasma high-tech ceramics. The dial is set with diamonds and a luxurious leather strap, which respectively shows the charm of male gentlemen. And feminine elegance. These two watches have the same design concept, and each has a unique style, which means that two independent souls, in the infiltration of love, are close to each other, know each other, and keep each other; with sincerity and sincere resonance, witness the growth of love. The iconic high-tech ceramic of RADO has the characteristics of wear resistance, which has been worn for a long time. At the same time, it also has the comfort of wearing. It does not fear the tempering of time. It is time for love and life.

RADO Swiss Radar DiaMaster Diamond Master Series 1314 Limited Edition Pairing Table

 The ‘core’ heart is full of love

 Luxurious but not exaggerated, simple but not simple. The brand new RADO True series hollow automatic mechanical watch shows the brand’s excellent control of materials and design. The hollowed-out dial outlines the contours of the gear transmission, hairspring and movement with a smooth geometric line, making the power element of this exquisite timepiece perfect.

 The RADO True Series diamond watch combines the classic design of the True series with the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic materials. The four brilliant diamonds surround the dial, shining glamorous, exquisite and exquisite design, blooming full of personality. . The watches are adorned with rose gold elements and equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, allowing the wearer to experience the extraordinary fashion taste while experiencing the subtle blend of superb Swiss watchmaking skills and extraordinary mechanical craftsmanship.

Left: RADO True Radar True Series Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch Right: RADO True Radar Automatic Automatic Diamond Watch
 Qixi Festival, two feelings. On this special day, RADO Swiss watches bring a variety of watches to express the most ‘library’ intentions for you. In the seconds of love, you are the most beautiful time.

Cartier Watch Found In Comics

Seven years ago, when Cartier released the Ballon Bleu de Cartier series of watches, he invited cartoonists to create a series of comics for him. Cartier watches became a clue to the fate of the protagonist; seven years later, brand new The Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch was launched again, and Cartier once again chose to interpret this women’s jewelry watch in the form of comics.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch.

Since the focus is on women’s watches, why not invite female painters to show their skills? The comics industry is also setting off a feminine trend, which is exactly the time. Four hot-selling female cartoonists with different styles told four stories with different styles of painting:

Young Japanese cartoonist Gao Yankuan portrays a woman on a life-threatening adventure. Parisian cartoonist Nadja explains what is eternal beauty. Posy Simmonds, full of British style, captures the light of women’s hands with her keen eyes. The fairy-tale brush strokes pass through the generations, telling the eternal emotions. In the summer of Tokyo, Paris in the fall, London in the winter, and mysterious fantasy, the Ballon de Cartier series is embodied in four dreamlike stories.

Beach Football Lagos Cup Elites Show Superb Ball Skills On The Beach

The world’s largest beach football event, the Copa Lagos, will now be timed by TAG Heuer.

   Every year, the Lagos Cup, the world’s most grand beach football match, is held for 3 days in Lagos, Nigeria.

   TAG Heuer becomes the official timekeeper for this world’s most famous beach football event. The situation was extremely fierce. In this small beach, players need to show outstanding agility and superb skills, in addition to a certain degree of accuracy, strength and endurance. TAG Heuer appreciates these qualities, and the brand presents a TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1 series) watch to the best player in the Lagos Cup, Abu Azeez.

   The Nigerian Super Sand Eagles player defeated the Spanish national team in the final game and performed impeccably in the tournament.

   As this event gets more and more attention, TAG Heuer also takes this opportunity to celebrate the grand opening of Abuja’s boutiques and multiple points of sale in Lagos.

Iwc Launches Three New Exclusive Store Special Edition Watches

IWC Schaffhausen has launched three new special edition watches in its stores, adding another new member to its pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force. A large pilot’s perpetual calendar watch, a large pilot’s watch, and a pilot’s chronograph watch are all set to catch the eye and bring boldness to the collection. These three new models are so refreshing with red, green and blue hands and hour markers. Available in limited editions in IWC stores around the world to accompany you to the skies.

 Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has further expanded its popular pilot lineup of pilot watches. Three new watches are ready to go, and the TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch family has grown. This series is named after the special training course ‘Fighter Tactical Guidance’ provided by the U.S. Navy Fighter Defense School (its famous alias is Top Gun). Anyone who can steer the most modern jet and successfully complete the course will become the world’s most trained, responsive and brave elite pilot. The jet’s instrument display is shown in different colors at night, and the designers of IWC Schaffhausen were inspired to design three special edition watches: a large pilot series with red hands and time markers TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Perpetual Calendar Watch Store Special Edition (Model IW502903); Large Pilot Series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Watch Store Special Edition (Model IW501903); and Pilot Series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force Chronograph store special edition (model IW388003) with blue hands and hour markers. The case of this series of watches is made of ceramic (zirconia), and the bottom and crown are made of titanium, which is durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The three new models are equipped with black soft straps and will be available in limited editions at IWC stores worldwide.

Fine watchmaking in the cockpit
TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Perpetual Calendar Watch Store Special Edition

 Equipped with red pointer and time mark, its power and technical advantages are clear at a glance. This majestic watch with a high-tech ceramic case is full of features and will surely make the adrenal glands of many watch fans rise rapidly. This watch is equipped with a variety of complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, a permanent moon phase display and a 7-day power reserve display. The perpetual calendar takes into account all leap years before the year 2100, and only needs to be adjusted in the year 2100. All displays can be set by crown operation and run automatically. The small windows at the ’12 o’clock’ position show the states of the moon phases in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively. The black ceramic case is equipped with one of IWC’s highest-performance automatic winding movements: the 51614-type movement equipped with the highly efficient Pillerton winding system. This watch is one of the most sophisticated pilot watches ever made by Schaffhausen IWC. The top of the case is engraved with exquisite Top Gun emblems, limited to 250 pieces worldwide, highlighting its unique value.

Technical Information
Model: IW502903

Technical features: Mechanical movement / Pellerton automatic winding system / Power reserve display / Perpetual calendar with date, week and month display / Permanent moon phase profit and loss display / North and South hemisphere dual moon phase display / 4-digit year display / small second hand With stop / Glucydur® * balance wheel with beryllium alloy / Breguet hairspring / screw-down crown / engraved Top Gun logo on the case / limited edition of 250 pieces, available at IWC stores worldwide

Movement: 51614 movement / 21600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) / 62 stones / power reserve 7 days (168 hours) / automatic winding

Watch: Ceramic case, black dial, red hands and hour markers, black soft strap, stainless steel folding clasp, sandblasted / double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass / waterproof 6 bar / 48 mm diameter / Thickness 16 mm

The arrival of the jet age
Large pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch store special edition

 A perfect fusion of the simple instrument style of the 1940s and the top technology of the 21st century. It is equipped with IWC-manufactured 51111 caliber, which is composed of 311 parts. It can run for 7 days after being fully wound. The mirror can withstand the sudden pressure drop in the cockpit without loosening it. It is a veritable ‘airworthy’ watch. The special edition of the TOP GUN Navy Air Force Watches Store Special Edition announces the arrival of the supersonic jet era with modern elements such as green hands and hour markers and a small airplane-like second hand balancer. This watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, and the exquisite Top Gun badge pattern engraved on the bottom of the watch further demonstrates the watch’s first-class standard.

Technical Information
Model: IW501903

Technical features: mechanical movement / Pellerton automatic winding system / date display / power reserve display / Glucydur® * beryllium balance wheel / Breguet hairspring / screw-down crown / can withstand sudden pressure drop without loosening / Top Gun logo engraved on the bottom of the watch / Limited edition of 500 pieces, available at IWC stores worldwide

Movement: 51111 movement / 21600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) / 42 stones / power reserve 7 days (168 hours) / automatic winding

Watch: Ceramic case, black dial, green hands and hour markers, black soft strap, stainless steel folding clasp, sandblasted / double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass / waterproof 6 bar / 48 mm diameter / Thickness 15 mm

Precision instrumentation
Pilot Collection TOP GUN Naval Air Force Chronograph Store Special Edition

 Equipped with blue hands and hour markers, anti-magnetic protection and a glass mirror that can withstand sudden pressure drops, it is ideal for complex airborne exercises. In addition, this watch is also well-received for its intrinsic value: equipped with IWC-manufactured 89365 movement, which can provide 68 hours of power reserve. The dial has a classic cockpit design, and the date display is very similar to the shape of the altimeter. The central chronograph hand can display the chronograph record accurate to the second, and the small dial at the ’12 o’clock’ position displays the minute running time. With the integrated flyback function, just press the reset button, the chronograph hands will return to zero, and you can start a new timekeeping immediately. The small second hand at “6 o’clock” continues to indicate that the watch is operating normally. The Top Gun badge pattern on the bottom of the table and the limited sale of only 500 pieces indicate that this watch is rare and not everyone can own it.

Technical Information
Model: IW388003

Technical features: mechanical chronograph movement / automatic winding / date display / minute and second chronograph function / flyback function / small second hand with stop / antimagnetic soft iron inner case / screw-down crown / withstands sudden steps Reduced pressure without loosening / Top Gun logo engraved on the bottom of the watch / Limited edition of 500 pieces, available at IWC stores worldwide

Movement: movement 89365 / vibration frequency 28800 times per hour (4 Hz) / 35 stones / power reserve 68 hours / automatic winding

Watch: ceramic case, black dial, blue hands and hour markers, black soft strap, stainless steel folding clasp, sandblasted / double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass / waterproof 6 bar / diameter 46 Mm / thickness 16.5 mm

2015 Longines Fifa Venue Obstacle World Cup Chinese League First Stop Elegant Ending

[April 26, 2015, Beijing, China / Soymia, Switzerland] The first leg of the LonginesFEIWorldCupJumpingChinaLeague ™ (145-150CM) in the 2015 Longines FEI World Cup obstacle course China League (145-150CM) in Beijing The Chaoyang Park equestrian field came to an end. In the end, Hong Kong riders in China became the biggest winners. The champion and runner-up were won by Hong Kong riders Lin Lixin and Liang Qiaoling respectively. As a global partner of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines has been named the title partner and official timekeeper for the second consecutive year. The competition is divided into three stages, starting on April 25-28, April 30-May 3, and October 4-10.

  In 2014, Longines was very honored to open the partnership between the brand and the Longines International Horse Federation venue obstacle World Cup China League. It has been the title partner and the official timekeeper for the two consecutive years in last year and this year’s competition. technology. On April 26th, the first stop of the 2015 Longines FEMA World Cup China League World Cup (145-150CM) ended at the Chaoyang Park Equestrian Stadium. After the fierce competition between the regular season and the playoffs, two Hong Kong players Lin Lixin eventually He won the runner-up with Liang Qiaoling, and the first British player Simon Buckley in the qualifiers won the third place. In the following schedule, Longines will also present two key events on Sunday, May 3 and Saturday, October 10.

  Longines also took the opportunity to present elegantly the ConquestClassic watch created by the brand for equestrian sports. The designated watch for this event is a Compaq stainless steel watch. Like all models in the Compaq series, this exquisite timepiece is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and a transparent sapphire crystal case back, giving a glimpse of the subtle operation of the machine.

  The relationship between Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878. At that time, the brand produced a chronograph that was recorded in history. The back of this stopwatch was engraved with a rider and his mount. In 1912, Longines cooperated with the International Equestrian Paralympics for the first time. Today, Longines participates more widely in various equestrian competitions, including obstacle course, flat horse race and endurance race.

  In terms of field obstacle races, Longines is the first top partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the International Equestrian Federation. It has also named the Longines Rankings. In addition, Longines provides professional timing services and actively becomes a partner of major top events, including the Longines International Horse Federation World Cup Obstacle Finals, Longines Global Equestrian Championship, Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters, etc.
[Watch description]

Longines Compat Series Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Model: L2.785.4.56.6 Price: RMB15,600

The addition of the Compaq series adds a beautiful landscape to Longines’s classic collection, which has earned it a reputation and success worldwide. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm, a stainless steel case and bracelet, and a built-in L619 mechanical movement. The black dial is engraved with 3 Arabic numerals and 9 luminous small scales, displaying hours, minutes and seconds, and the date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

Longines Companion Series Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Model: L2.785.4.76.6 Price: RMB15,600

The addition of the Compaq series adds a beautiful landscape to Longines’s classic collection, which has earned it a reputation and success worldwide. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm, a stainless steel case and bracelet, and a built-in L619 mechanical movement. The silver dial is engraved with 3 Arabic numerals and 9 luminous small scales, displaying hours, minutes and seconds, and the date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

Gp Girard Perregaux 2014 Women’s Selection Watch Presentation

1966 Lady 38mm Ladies Watch
Dancing gracefully
Noble and generous, exquisite and graceful, Ambilight, Girard Perregaux GP 1966 series of the latest women’s watch came on stage, dancing time; equipped with its own movement and superior decoration, which makes its rhythm accurate, excellent performance, elegant dance.

Cat’s Eye Tourbillon Diamond Watch
Fine watchmaking
The exquisite movement and sparkling diamonds are dazzling: more than 1,000 snowflake diamonds are crystal clear, the beautiful mother-of-pearl dial is exquisitely crafted, and the finest watchmaking technology and jewellery craftsmanship blend into each other, making it a timepiece for women.
CAT’S EYE Astrological Calendar
Milky way sky
Bringing together standard time, moon phases and constellation calendars; under the background of mother-of-pearl, precious metals and sparkling diamonds, the top-of-the-line movement developed by the company has turned out a pleasing picture of stars and moons. The mystery of the galaxy star.
Vintage 1945 Lady
Female representative of the classic series
The stainless steel case is inlaid with two fine diamond bands, and the design of harmonious blending of straight lines and curves originates from the brand’s aesthetic heritage in the early 20th century. On closer inspection, every detail of the watch seems to draw from the Art Deco style, but the whole shows an undoubtedly modern temperament.

Girard-perregaux Gp Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Three Questions 2015 Basel Ringing Luxury Voice

Based on the original model and the traditional watchmaking technology from 1791, Girard-Perregaux watches are constantly innovating, showing the outstanding contribution of innovation to the continuous development of the watchmaking industry. For example, this three-gold bridge tourbillon The minute repeat watch creates the mechanical structure of the timekeeping device from a new perspective, highlighting Girard-Perregaux’s long-term determination to continuously break through technological innovation, while respecting the aesthetic tradition and the time-honored exquisite watchmaking technology.

Girard Perregaux Triple Golden Bridge Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch not only represents an efficient and beautiful timekeeping device, but also brings pleasant visual enjoyment to everyone

The mechanical structure of this Sanjinqiao Tourbillon Minute Repeater watch is unique. For the first time, it has provided the world with simultaneous observation of the components of the time-keeping device and the hammer with the sound of the percussion spring. Optimizing the sound transmission of a watch is a major innovation in the watchmaking industry. Girard-Perregaux has set ambitious goals, and is determined to invite watchmakers and engineers to work together to create new movements, pure mechanical structures, and let people see the usually hidden parts. This craftsmanship concept stems from the belief that the company’s watchmaking skills and traditions will be carried forward and become a permanent classic. In order to meet this concept, this minute repeater watch specially selected the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon device. The three-gold bridge tourbillon is the symbol of GP Girard-Perregaux. Its design was patented in 1884 and is still regarded as the highest example of the aesthetics, craftsmanship and essence of the Swiss watchmaking industry.
Based on tradition, be brave in innovation
For watches with minute repeaters, the loud, crisp sound seems to be a big resistance for many watch manufacturers. In order to significantly improve the timekeeping sound of timepieces, dozens or even hundreds of solutions have been proposed. Among them, the principle of timekeeping first appeared in the early 17th century. However, GP Girard-Perregaux has no intention of adopting previous solutions, because these solutions have not succeeded in producing crisp and pleasant music, pleasing the ears, and giving the wearer the opportunity to see the components of the constantly running timekeeping device. In order to open up a new world in the traditionally restricted watchmaking device, GP Girard-Perregaux proposes to use the classic models as the basis for most of the components of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon device and the three-pointer device to make a crisp and pleasant sound. On the front, even if worn on the wrist, it can still make a clear and clear sound, which is exciting. To achieve this effect, our watchmakers not only redesigned the entire movement, but also changed the original structure and working principle.

 GP Girard Perregaux Triple Golden Bridge Tourbillon Minute Repeater is not less complicated than the original design, the production process of the minute repeater is extremely complicated

Create pleasant sound
The complexity of the creative design currently in use is not inferior to the original, fully revealing the exquisite structure of the three-question device, which makes the wearer full of eyes and delight both ears. It is worth mentioning that the timekeeping system here is cleverly set and operates by sliding the bolt at 8 o’clock on the left side of the dial. Slide this trigger to re-upload the gong in the barrel (the mandrel is partially visible at the bottom case). Once the maximum limit is reached, the three-minute clockwork releases the ‘connect-disconnect’ control, which is specifically designed to prevent the timing device from starting before the clockwork is finished, thereby preventing the incorrect tone from being emitted at the time. The improved timekeeping device exposes the components and can be seen at a glance through the dial opening. At the same time, the hammers and gongs are cleverly arranged on the dial to be on the same side as the timekeeping device, which is not only convenient to observe the operation of the trigger device, but also You can also enjoy the hammer hitting the gong. It can be seen that among all the elements of the three-question device, there is only one element—the complex flywheel cannot be heard and visually sensed. The flywheel is dedicated to adjusting the striking speed of the hammer and is located at the bottom shell, which can limit sound transmission, although Seemingly insignificant, it is enough to guarantee the sound quality of this watchmaking instrument.
The improved striking device still retains the original traditional decoration. These delicate components first wind the clockwork, then release the hammer, and finally strike the gong in an orderly manner, first reporting the hours (bass), secondly the quarter clock (high and bass mixing), and finally the minute hand (treble). , Rich tone changes. The design of the two gongs facing the inside of the 18k gold time ring and the clever layout of the hammer (the shape of which is inspired by the patented Golden Bridge in 1884) are free of conventional aesthetic standards. This layout facilitates regular adjustment at a carefully calibrated frequency , Send out harmonious sound waves, get rid of the density of sound waves that are easily absorbed due to being too close to the skin, which affects the sound quality.

Girard Perregaux Triple Golden Bridge Tourbillon Minute Repeater with GP 09500-0002 Mechanical Automatic Winding Movement

In addition, the watchmaker has carefully studied the relationship between the case size and the movement to provide the best possible spatial arrangement, such as the string device. Even more surprising is that the inside of the case has been specially processed and modified to limit any sound quality interference that can occur. Moreover, because erroneous notes are not allowed, the sapphire glass bottom case has been specially processed to give it beautiful radians unique to most acoustic instruments, and to maximize the range of sound reverberation.
Half instrument, half power sculpture
This is a very unusual timekeeping device. At the same time, it uses multiple excellent technical solutions to achieve the extraordinary performance of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon Minute Repeater. Therefore, in order to improve the transmission of sound waves between the two gong ends, the connection between the splint and the 18K rose gold case has been strengthened. However, this is not enough. In order to increase the speed of the hammer and the striking effect, the hammer is set in a pair of jewelry, acting as a ball to reduce friction. The design of this structure has a seemingly simple and harmonious visual effect.

Girard Perregaux Triple Golden Bridge Tourbillon Minute Repeater with Black Alligator Leather Strap and Rose Gold Triple Folding Clasp. Limited edition of 10 pieces

Seemingly simple things, but actually have extremely complex and demanding requirements. It takes at least 270 hours for a professional watchmaker to assemble and adjust this extraordinary device. The production process of the three-question device is extremely complicated. At the same time, the hammer is placed on the same plane as a bracket, and the mainspring is tightened before hitting. It is necessary to use a special tool to simulate the future position outside the movement to adjust the hammer. This makes the job more time-consuming and labor-intensive. Nevertheless, the final results are obvious to all. These small components made of black polished stainless steel have been beveled to highlight the original design inspired by Sanjinqiao. It has high inertia and can produce clear, pleasing notes with each hit.
Mechanical structure guided by Girard Perregaux’s traditional craftsmanship
To carry this extraordinary device, Girard Perregaux chooses a round case with a dome-shaped strap and slender lugs on both sides, which is a classic representative of the fine watchmaking industry. The soft beveled groove provides a wide opening for the movement, which helps to better appreciate the grand layout of the minute repeater, hammer, gong and tourbillon. The iconic GP Girard Perregaux arrow-shaped golden bridge elements and splints continue the brand’s classic tradition while unmatched decoration, defending its orthodoxy. The movement is exposed at the bottom case, with three golden bridges and a splint engraved with the Girard-Perregaux logo on the front.

Tag Heuer Mechanical Watches: Calera And Grand Carrera Series

The need for precise timing in various sports and athletic events has given endless inspiration to TAG Heuer’s mechanical watch design and technology; while the essence of competitive sports-‘challenge yourself, pursue success, and excellent quality’ is It has become the brand spirit of TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer has always been a pioneer in watchmaking. Regardless of watch technology, material selection and style design, TAG Heuer mechanical watches have created a series of models of distinguished watches. TAG Heuer mechanical watch silver stainless steel card men’s Laila series
     TAG Heuer contains exquisite skills inherently. The highlight is the fixed bezel made of stainless steel and ceramic. Two exquisite chronograph dials add vitality and vitality to the dial. The stainless steel and ceramic bracelet makes the overall appearance more perfect and exciting.
TAG Heuer mechanical watch black stainless steel GRAND CARRERA series
     Simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of this watch. The 6 o’clock Rotating System replaces the traditional second hand and displays the small second hand. The black dial and stainless steel bracelet are also available in luxurious 18K yellow gold and stainless steel.

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